Doctor prescribed estrogen cream; anything I should know?

    Had my first post-hysterectomy annual exam and mentioned a discomfort that I thought would turn out to be some sort of damage from the speculum or clamps or something that happened during the surgery–(thickening of injured tissue or something.) Turns out it’s just regular old menopausal discomfort in the opening of the vagina and I now have this cream I’m supposed to use nightly for 3 weeks, then as needed. (OBVIOUSLY, I’m not starting tonight!)

    Has anyone else done this? Any cautions, things to look out for? He warned us there’s no suddenly feeling frisky in the middle of the night after I’ve applied it.

    I made sure he knew it is very important to me (us) that we continue to be able to have a vibrant sex life as long as possible. (And what a great doctor God has blessed me with! He is able to put me totally at ease for talking about the most awkward things. He assures me he has heard it all and there is nothing I can talk about that will surprise him in the slightest. SO comforting when you need to bring up something awkward! IF YOU DON’T HAVE A DOCTOR LIKE THAT, CHANGE DOCTORS! It’s totally worth it!

    Under the stars Asked on February 14, 2020 in Menopause .

    My estrogen levels were undetectable when my labs were drawn last May.
    I started estrogen cream last June from a compounding pharmacy thru Defy and my hot flashes disappeared within one week.
    My life has changed dramatically for the better.
    I apply the cream to my inner thighs a half an hour or so after my morning shower.
    I originally started using at night, but was concerned with transferring estrogen topically to DH during intimacy…..
    Since we’re not usually intimate in the am, I switched to morning applications.
    I rotate which leg I apply cream….and kinda duck walk around without clothing until it’s dry.
    I do believe my skin isn’t as fragile, and my emotions seem more “like me” since I started bhrt. The lack of hot flashes was my biggest blessing, everything else, a bonus.

    on February 16, 2020.
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      As a breast cancer survivor, I continue to take estrogen suppressants so for those in the high risk estrogen positive cancer pool, please stay away.   For most women, not an issue.  Just know the family cancer (breast for us) history…my grandmother…my mother…and me (the only one with breast cancer pre menapausal).

      Double bed Answered on February 14, 2020.

      My paternal Grandmother had it when I was in high school. I’ll have to find the funeral card to remember when she was born (I am definitely NOT like Brynn’s DH described in the funny quirks question who remembers all that!!) and do some math to determine how old she was, but very likely past menopause. Also, she smoked like a chimney her whole life.

      I will have to do some research on my risk.

      Thank you for this!!

      on February 15, 2020.

      For a 3 week course of therapy, I don’t think this is worth worrying about, as the increased cancer risk would be so small as to be impossible to measure. Obviously, if you were going to use the cream regularly on a permanent basis, then you should discuss this with your doctor.

      on February 15, 2020.

      This is heartening. Thank you!

      on February 18, 2020.
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        I love it…. i apply it at night. Every cell in the female body is bathed with estrogen and the vagina is the most greedy, there’s nothing really that can compensate for it however i am testing out DHEA as it’s supposedly is as good as estrogen in treating vaginal atrophy as it turns into either estrogen or testosterone in the tissues (very unscientific explanation)

        Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on February 14, 2020.

        DHEA? More info please. She has penetration pain often.

        on March 24, 2020.
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          Take good notes, that way if/when I face it, I can glean wisdom from you! 🙂

          Under the stars Answered on February 14, 2020.
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            My DW’s experience with estrogen inter-vaginaly has been good overall. She was beginning to have some dryness and pain. Post-menopausal. Applies it 2x a week. Other than being fairly expensive and uncovered by insurance, and a 24 hour post application sex hiatus, the effects have all been positive. I can even tell the difference.

            She has had an estrogen sensitive phyloides breast tumor but her doctor has little concern.

            Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on February 20, 2020.

            Thank you. I was thinking of my burgeoning experience with this when I was commenting on your other recent answer; maybe I misunderstood the problem there.

            on February 20, 2020.

            Not entirely.
            Not that I wouldn’t appreciate or enjoy some massive transformation toward sexual liberation and adventure, but I’ve got little reason to gripe really.

            on February 20, 2020.
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              More help please!

              Okay:  I started the cream last night (I wanted to wait until Valentine’s weekend was over.) I love @SongOfAngels’ phrase “bathed with estrogen”, because that’s kind of exactly how it felt. Is it possible or merely a placebo effect that after only ten to fifteen minutes (maybe less) I began to feel physical arousal-type sensations that I have had difficulty achieving lately? I was really hoping to get those sensations back–had been in denial about them fading–but it doesn’t seem realistic to  be feeling, well, kinda horny just from applying the cream one time. SO not complaining!!

              The bigger question I have is:  will I absorb ALL of the hormone between one night and just before that time the next evening or is there danger of DH getting some on him? (Should we use a condom to be safe?) What if I skip a shower? What if I apply it at 11 p.m., after a shower, then we have sex early in the day the next day? Like a Friday night and Saturday afternoon or even morning? These things didn’t occur to me to ask my doctor. Didn’t anticipate the cream acting so fast!

              Under the stars Answered on February 18, 2020.
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                Using this source:, it looks like you might want to avoid latex condoms (though maybe the risk of a break is minor since you’re not going to be giving each other STI’s. As for the sex partner, you’re supposed to avoid exposing DH “right after” using it…whatever that means. Both of those come from the “Precautions” section at the above link.

                Interestingly, this academic study indicates that intercourse may lower your estradiol levels (somehow less uptake, or something else?) and can increase your DH’s.


                Under the stars Answered on February 18, 2020.
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                  @Scott–Thanks. LOL, yeah, the condom thing is one of the best parts of being each other’s first-and-only:  we have never had even a half a moment’s concern about STIs. 😀

                  It seems from the reading that hours later, after absorption, should be okay and just before the next dose even better. We’ve had so many hurdles to overcome lately I just don’t want to miss a single chance if it arises! Thanks for finding those for me.

                  Under the stars Answered on February 19, 2020.
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                    UPDATE PRAISES:

                    I considered making a separate post under Praises for this, but wanted future searchers to find this answer with the question. I have now had three doses of the cream. I am amazed at the difference it is already making in my nether bits, and appalled at how bad it had gotten without me realizing–or admitting–it. My labia are plump and sensitive (to sensations besides itching) again. The physical signs of arousal are once again becoming noticeable and persistent. I demanded a quickie last night because I just needed to feel pressure in that spot. My Os were intense and satisfying. (Yes, I had Os, and it was still what I would call a quickie!)

                    I kept thinking I was just losing interest because we have been so busy I am tired all the time and we have been neglecting sex, but apparently I had menopausal symptoms I hadn’t wanted to admit to myself. I ADMIT IT NOW AND AM SO SO SO THANKFUL FOR THIS HELP!!! Ladies, be brave! Look in the dark corners inside to see  the scary possibilities there and face them head-on. Sure I’m not thrilled with the three week process, but I cannot argue with the results so far! I haven’t felt this easily aroused in a long time–actually well before surgery, and that’s after only 3 days. (My instructions are daily for 3 weeks initially, then twice a week as needed.)

                    AND UNDERSTAND:  I AM A HIGH DRIVE WIFE. Mentally I was all for sex, but my body just wasn’t cooperating. Low-drive wives, who don’t have all that much interest in the first place, definitely keep an eye on your hormones. Clearly they are the boss of us!

                    Under the stars Answered on February 20, 2020.
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                      @Duchess: That’s great news and thanks for sharing! Crazy that you see such a change after just 3 applications (though some could be placebo effect obviously). Where you’re describing being at now is somewhere that LD wives may never be at…

                      This may be a topic for another post, but I was curious as to what people’s interpretations of scripture are concerning using hormones, Viagra, etc to help their sex lives. At some point, do we cross a line into opposing God’s design? I do realize that many (most?) here use such things, and I am not at all calling you out or saying what you’re doing is wrong, but I was curios as to people’s thoughts.

                      We had to answer those questions twice in our marriage I think–once when deciding upon birth control, and the second had to do with toys in the bedroom. Haven’t gotten to the point for hormones/drugs, but that day will approach quickly I’m guessing.


                      Under the stars Answered on February 20, 2020.
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                        @Scott, my husband struggled with the idea of HRT.  He questioned whether it went against God’s design.  Here were the thoughts I shared, and it tilted him towards it.   God did not create us to die, but to live. Sin is what brought death into the world.

                        I am foremost about being Spirit led, I believe and advise to seek Him first on these kind of decisions, and follow and be obedient to Him.

                        Under the stars Answered on February 20, 2020.

                        so what is Gods design? Are we also meant to walk and not drive? How about fly? Are we supposed to avoid processed food aside from it having additives?

                        I think that we could look around at many things that are added to our lives to make them better including light bulbs, I mean were we meant to use anything other than sunlight? Comon.

                        The only real avoidances are sexual immorality as Jesus said.

                        on March 24, 2020.
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