Does Shockwave Therapy for ED work?

    Doing some research on ED, I came across something called Shockwave Therapy.  It’s very expensive to have done in a doctor’s office, but of course there are now sites selling a product that claims to do the same things, but at a much lower price.  There’s a company called BPotent that purports to offer a device with a money-back guarantee–however, it’s still over $1000.  I’ve tried to get them to respond to emails, but no luck so far.

    Has anyone done anymore research on the effectiveness of shockwave therapy for ED, or better yet, used one of the devices and can attest to whether or not it works?  If it does work, it would seem to be a gamechanger for guys, but there is also a lot of “snake oil” out there too!

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      Are you referring to the GAINSWave therapy?  I haven’t heard of the Shockwave therapy.

      Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on August 15, 2019.
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        Yeah, sorry.  GAINSWave is the medical term for it.  The BPotent site calls it shockwave therapy.

        The doctor who discovered it seems to have had some good success, although it also seems to be relatively short-lived in its effectiveness.  My ED comes from cardiovascular issues, so anything that increases blood flow or helps to revascularize the area might be a workable solution for me.

        Fell out of ... Answered on August 16, 2019.

        I’ll PM you some solutions.

        on August 16, 2019.
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          Not familiar with this.
          But fyi, if you happen to have hypertension, researchers have found the bp medication Cozaar or Losartan 100 mg daily for 3 months has improved ED (Google Losartan ED )

          Queen bed Answered on August 16, 2019.
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            I have seen print ads for the Gainswave procedure recently and did some research. The process costs $500 a session and 6 to 12 sessions are recommended. One clinic openly admits that the process is not covered by health insurance.

            Queen bed Answered on August 19, 2019.
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