DW dislikes the taste and smell of her vagina.


    During sex when we have OS, DW dislikes the taste of her vagina that is on my lips when I go to kiss her, the smell of it also bothers her. DW also does not like it after PIV and in the middle for her to give me OS. I love to give her OS and it heightens my erection for PIV. We have been married for almost 3 years now. Will she get used to over time or is there something else I can do to help her to be ok with it?

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    on June 29, 2020.
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      When I give my wife OS, there is NO kissing on lips afterwards.  She does not like the taste of herself from me at all.  Yesterday, she accidentally gave me some OS after we had done PIV.  She immediately spit into a tissue.  So, if your wife doesn’t like the taste, just accept it and avoid kissing her on the lips after OS.

      On the floor Answered on June 29, 2020.
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        Well, one obvious solution is to not kiss her after you perform oral sex on her.  It is hard to say if she will ‘get used’ to kissing you after you perform oral sex on her, and I don’t think there is anything you can do to help her ‘like’ it.

        It is not completely clear from what you said, but if she does not like giving you oral sex after PIV, then have her perform oral sex on you prior to PIV.

        As with other issues, there is usually the need for married couples to make certain compromises when it comes to the question of what happens during sex. The best advice I can give is to make sure you are discussing these matters frequently and patiently, and that both of you are open to finding ways to please one another that are mutually acceptable.

        On the floor Answered on June 27, 2020.
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          Same here.  We usually dont kiss after I lick and taste her vagina. Oral sex is a foreplay activity before Penis in Vagina sex. Once I enter her vagina, usually there is no oral sex. But. I dont mind tasting my precum and semen from her vagina after I ejaculate inside



          Wife is very comfortable tasting precum during kissing, licking, sucking penis. Sometimes I will massage her nipples with precum and suck,also apply precum to her lips as kiss. I will not ejaculate in mouth during oral sex.

          Queen bed Answered on June 29, 2020.
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            If she dislikes the taste, then it might be possible to disguise that taste using flavoured lubricant. Brushing your teeth immediately before sex might also help to disguise the taste a little.

            If she showers immediately before sex, then that may change the taste to something more acceptable and/or have the effect of making her feel clean and thus make the concept of oral sex more attractive.

            It’s possible that this is as much due to attitude as the scent/taste. If your wife feels that oral sex is wrong or “dirty” then she’s less likely to enjoy it. Make sure to communicate to her that you really enjoy it and that it gives you a harder erection and makes sex more enjoyable for you, as that may help to reassure her.

            Fell out of ... Answered on June 27, 2020.
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              My wife is the same way, no kissing after I give her oral sex unless she JUST took a shower.

              On the floor Answered on June 27, 2020.
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                If she is like my DW, and probably many others, she likely has a heightened sense of smell. In addition, many women are very self-conscious about the possibility of giving off an odor. And, as has been suggested, if she has negative views about her sexual bits, of OS, body fluids, etc. Even the thought of such things can be repulsive.  That means, it probably is very real in her mind.

                Now if there truly is an odor, she might need to see her doctor or clean up more before you engage in sex – especially involving OS. Or as someone offered, you could refrain from kissing after sex. But, if she is in fact healthy and cleaned up, she needs to be assured by you that she doesn’t smell, or that what smell she might have, is fully natural and good. This type of convincing might not be easy.  But this is likely what is needed.

                Also, in the heat of the erotic moment or out of a deep desire/commitment to love their spouse exuberantly, many people are able to overcome their issues with smell or taste, texture, etc.  momentarily or long term. But there is little you can do to make that happen – except to be that passionate and loving toward her throughout the day – even when she doesn’t want to kiss you after OS! Of course praying about this and seeking to have healthy dialogue about it are also recommended.

                I wish you all the best. Let us know how it goes.

                Under the stars Answered on June 27, 2020.
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                  I think that many, many women wouldn’t like to receive in their mouths the juices from her own vaginas. Let it be from the mouth/lips/tongue of her husband after OS, or from her husband’s penis, after PIV has taken place.

                  My woman is one of them.

                  To be honest, I never, never really expected or asked her if she may be comfortable with that, but as an act of being delicate, polite and a gentlemen, from the very first time we had sex, I completely avoided kissing her after I perform OS on her, until we finish the love session and I wash my mouth.

                  The same with PIV, I never asked her to perform OS on me after I inserted my penis into her vagina.

                  We men just have to be sensitive, on that area.

                  On the opposite, after she perform OS on me, and her mouth is full of my pre-cum, I love to jump on her and kiss her, wildly, lips biting and deep tongue kisses included.


                  I have never has a problem with sex juices on my mouth, but I know that for many women this is a no go area, and that is fine.


                  King bed Answered on June 27, 2020.
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                    I have no suggestions.

                    My DW and I, don’t really care what has been where and all, and we actually pursue each other’s and our own on purpose. It can be quite hot!

                    Just about personal preference, like anything else, no doubt.

                    Hammock Answered on June 27, 2020.
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                      I think us men have to accept that whilst for most of us the scent of DW’s vagina is a real turn-on, erotic and desirable, for a woman it is just… a bodily smell.

                      When we were first married, my wife was always amazed that I found the smell and taste of her vulva sexy and it took me a while to convince her that I really like it. Over the years thought she accepted it and she is happy to kiss me after I performed OS on her.

                      At the same time she never had any aversion on kissing my penis after PIV or me finishing on her body, so clearly she is OK with my sperm and a mixture of our juices.

                      Your wife too might get used to the taste of her vagina on your lips, especially if you keep telling her how much you like it.

                      Fell out of ... Answered on June 27, 2020.
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                        I’m a woman and i do not like to do either one, it’s a personal preference that while you can bring up to your wife you find it sexy and “OK” for her to want to do, if she does not have a desire to do so, pushing it in any way will probably backfire, women do not like to feel pressured about things but like to come to their own conclusions.

                        On the floor Answered on June 27, 2020.
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