E.D. And MB issues

    I am nearly 65 years of age, and have a strong sex drive. The problem is that I have e.d. Issues due to neurological issues .
    Most of the time it takes a LOT of manual stimulation to get an erection, and by the time  I have an erection adequate for penetration with my wife I am 98% ready to ejaculate which is very frustrating!

    Secondly when I do mb solo which can be up to 30 min or so to ejaculate it works on my anxiety of which I take meds for.

    Needless to say my sex life is pretty frustrating and hard on me emotionally.

    Any suggestions?

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      Welcome to TMB!

      Why do you mb? I wonder if it would help you with your wife, not to mb. Or is your DW unwilling to have sex as frequently as you’d like?

      Under the stars Answered on May 9, 2020.
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        I was living in a certain country overseas.  I was taking a trip to another country which was less conservative, so I thought I’d get some sex toys and take them back.  Instead of just picking up a little vibrator or penis rings or whatever I was looking for, I also brought a little penis pump.  It was cheap and not very powerful.  I had rid they make you bigger, so I thought I’d get one to give my wife a treat.

        It wasn’t very powerful, and any size gains are just fluid and go away quick once one removes ones member, and maybe because the pump wasn’t powerful, it didn’t make much noticeable difference if any at all for size.

        But it would have been good for getting an erection.  I even asked the guy at the store if it actually was effective.  He thought it would be.  I meant to enlarge the member, not to get an erection.  But maybe that’s what he thought.  I was in my early 30’s, and erections weren’t a problem.

        Maybe you could get a penis pump and a rubber or silicone penis ring.  See if you can get the ring on the pump, pump up until you get an erection, put the ring on before you pull out, and see if that gives you a wife-worthy erection.

        Fell out of ... Answered on May 9, 2020.
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          I’ve read that anxiety meds can alter ejaculation/orgasm, although I think the effect is usually to make it slower or not at all, not too fast.

          On the floor Answered on May 10, 2020.
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