Effect of Position on Physical Pleasure

So this is a question, or really a series of questions, that have been building in my mind for a while.

I’ve been wondering, how common is it for people to experience dramatically different levels of physical pleasure from being in different positions? We have some PIV positions that give Zelda almost nothing but a full/pressure feeling, whereas others she can feel pretty much “every inch”. Still others are “nice” but not like those “every inch” ones…essentially in between

It’s not just PIV, but also manual stimulation (and I’m guessing oral too). For instance, I’ve intentionally tried to get in the exact same spots and use the same motions with Zelda for internal manual stimulation, but the resulting pleasure and O for her are quite different e.g. on her back vs. on all fours. Does anyone else experience this with either clitoral or vaginal manual stimulation?

There is a somewhat related thread on this: Most Pleasurable Orgasm position? However, this isn’t just limited to O, as we observed this for PIV for years prior to Zelda getting an O. And it isn’t just limited to women either, as I definitely can feel some differences between WOT and side of the bed even though the PIV angle for those is nearly identical. Some of the answers on the linked thread indicate that gravity and blood flow could come into play.

Has anyone tried experimenting with this? I would think it could be done with something like a dildo, where the angle/orientation of entry can be matched in different positions to see if there is a different feeling. For instance, if the dildo is oriented like a rear-entry approach but the wife is on her back like in missionary, does it result in a sensation more like missionary or more like doggy style?

A couple note: this thread is about physical pleasure. For non-physical aspects of positions, try this thread. Also, one can easily participate in this thread without disclosing intimate aspects of your LMing by keeping things general like I have above.


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    I feel more intense pleasure from doggie or side of the bed. Some others are very nice but there is a definite uptick with some positions. Same is true for manual stimulation. Angle makes a huge difference.

    Hammock Answered 7 days ago.
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      The great  position for me is rear entry – not so much for Mrs. Oldbear.

      We both find deep penetration by me with her legs bent over my arms in the missionary position to give both of us the greatest pleasure. This enables me to reach her fornix which is incredibly and pleasurably sensitive for her.

      Under the stars Answered 5 days ago.

      I’ve read many times that the fornix is a great spot for female pleasure.  DH and I  have been trying different positions trying to stimulate it, but we haven’t had any luck yet.  But it’s still fun to try! 🙂

      3 days ago.
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        I don’t think my wife feels as much pleasure from rear entry as other positions, based on her comments and reactions.

        It’s more about emotional pleasure of full body contact, but I like the WOT position, especially when I orgasm.  We’ll usually have sex with me on my ‘haunches’ for her to have a bunch of orgasms, but often, I’ll ask her to get on top to ‘finish me’ up.  I am a lot bigger than her and laying on her doesn’t work out that well.  But she can put her full body weight on me and the skin contact feels really great.  I love to feel her butt as she thrusts.  Also, at some point in my orgasm, thrusting gets tiring.  She can keep on thrusting all throughout my orgasm and keep on going for a little while while I am still spent.  I wouldn’t keep going like that for as long if I were the one doing the thrusting.  It also feels so intimate to have that full body contact.  I love it if she licks or sucks a certain part on my neck while she is on top.

        California King Answered 7 days ago.
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          I notice differences in physical pleasure with different positions, but I don’t know how they would rate on the dramatic scale. Rear entry seems to give me little pleasure, while other positions can have me going from zero to almost gushing in 30 seconds, and that’s because of the pleasure.

          With the wording you describe with this dramatic difference, actually fits with my experience with different times in my cycle.

          No, we haven’t intentionally experimented with this at all.

          Under the stars Answered 6 days ago.
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            Yes, common for me. I think your wife’s description sounds about right, some positions are very sensitive and some not.
            DH also. He loves reverse cowgirl and doggy style, says they’re super stimulating compared to others.
            I’ve noticed for myself, the biggest factor in being able to enjoy manual pleasure is the ability to relax fully and focus in. I wouldn’t be able to focus in on the pleasure as much if my body were engaged in staying upright on all fours, for instance. So being on my back and completely relaxed is the ticket.
            Interestingly sometimes when my go-to position(WOT) feels great but I’m not able to achieve an O, spending a few minutes in doggy style, then returning to WOT helps for whatever reason. Something about doggy style at those times, while not pushing me over the edge, primes me for it.

            King bed Answered 6 days ago.
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              Seems pretty common.

              Small changes in position can change the angle of the penis in the vagina meaning that different regions are stimulated. Changes in the woman’s leg position can make the vaginal entrance wider or narrower, giving increased or decreased friction or tightness. Changes in position can also change how much the clitoris is stimulated.

              There’s also the psychological element – for instance, missionary position gives a passionate embrace whereas changing the position so that the wife is on the edge of the bed allows the husband to watch his wife.

              On the floor Answered 6 days ago.
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                “How common is it for people to experience dramatically different levels of physical pleasure from being in different positions”

                For me I wouldn’t use the word “dramatic” to describe positional pleasure differences but it is definitely significant.

                Pretty much every intercourse position is very pleasureable for me. On a scale of 1-10 almost every position is at least an 8.

                In terms of position types missionary is an 8, WoT is a 9, regular doggy is a 9 and standing doggy is 9.5-10.

                I have noticed that subtle variations in a position can increase the pleasure rating significantly. For example standard missionary is an 8 but if she wraps her legs around my waist and I grab her buttocks while thrusting that increases the rating to a 9.

                Also I can’t fully separate the emotional pleasure from the physical. If we’re doing WOT that means she is into it and that knowledge makes things more enjoyable for me. Also as I have shared before with standing doggy I feel loved and accepted as her man. By assuming the position she is saying SoS 2:17 to me.

                For my wife the difference is a bit more noticeable. She can enjoy missionary, WOT, and standard doggy style but she gets far more pleasure from standing doggy than any other position (in fact the only time she has ever screamed during an O was in this position).

                On a scale of 1-10 most intercourse positions are maybe a 5 depending on her cycle while standing doggy can be 6-10. Where she is on her cycle is a major factor in her physical pleasure.

                “Has anyone tried experimenting with this?”

                Not intentionally. Just observations when trying different positions.

                On the floor Answered 5 days ago.
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                  My wife likes missionary to the exclusion of just about any other position. She finds most other positions cause her to feel pressure, or some other unpleasant sensation. We continue to search for other positions to add some variety; I like Scott’s idea of using a dildo to explore the feeling DW would get from other positions.

                  On the floor Answered 5 days ago.
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                    Edge of bed missionary and WOT are probably the best for both of us.

                    On the floor Answered 5 days ago.
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                      I have not noticed that any position feels better than others. We have a few that work for us and we both like then all. One of them definitely speeds things up, but it doesn’t feel any more pleasureable. I think it just hits the right spots more accurately and therefore is faster.

                      Under the stars Answered 5 days ago.
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