Erectile dysfunction – Is there hope?

    My wife and I have been married for over 40 years and we are both in our sixties. We have had a very active sex life. However over the last two years, we have been suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) (I am including my wife because it also adversely affects her.)

    Here is some additional background. I have the following medical conditions:
    1. Sleep apnea – controlled with a CPAP for the last 15 years.
    2. Hypertension – controlled with medications, some of which have been known to be implicated with ED.
    3. Overweight – Yes, I know that losing weight could help.
    4. Pre-diabetic – the blood tests show that my blood sugar levels is slightly above normal range, and yes, maybe losing some weight and exercising more could possibly reverse it.
    5. Testosterone level – 10 years ago, a blood test showed that I was on the low end what is considered “normal”, whatever that means.

    I think that many men in the past who have suffered from this, don’t talk about it and just suck it up. They accept it as something that comes with old age. I am not ready to give up.

    Okay, my questions are “Is there hope for a reversal of my condition?” and “What should I pursue with my doctor?”

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      I posted a question elsewhere on this forum about whether a higher than normal level of estrogen and my question about whether or not it could interfere with a normal level of testosterone when it comes to ED.  Has there been any research on this?  Is this something a hormone replacement doctor could help with?

      Twin bed Answered on July 27, 2020.
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        There are a ton of hormones that go into this, including estrogen (predominantly estradiol). Prolactin is another huge one (it directly plays into men’s refractory period, so high prolactin will suppress desire). There are many others.

        As others have indicated, most GP’s aren’t properly equipped in this area, so an endocrinologist is a better bet. Also, remember that hormone levels can improve with exercise, proper diet, lost weight, better mental health, etc. Hormones themselves can also affect that list as well, so sometimes it’s a chicken/egg thing (not dissimilar to depression and neurotransmitters in the brain).


        Under the stars Answered on July 27, 2020.
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          @Oldtimer,  Yes, high estrogen pretty much counteracts the testosterone.  You can have the right numbers with your testosterone, but if the estrogen is high, you may not feel good.   This is definitely something a BHRT doctor would be watching.  If your doctor isn’t taking into account your estradiol, you need to get a new doctor.

          Under the stars Answered on July 27, 2020.
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            Cot Answered on August 14, 2020.
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