Ever feel like the Universe is trying (and succeeding) to keep you from having sex?

    So, “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb!” and sometimes you just can’t get laid!

    We’d been having some normal, but unusually sustained interference. One Saturday afternoon when DD was away, we had just begun to make out when DH’s mother called and he had to go do…something for them. One night we were going to go up to bed early and leave DD in front of the TV when she suddenly decided she had to go to bed too except she had to shower first so there we sat waiting for her to settle in so as not to get interrupted. There were several days I thought I might be getting a yeast infection (I wasn’t) and didn’t want to infect DH.

    It really started last week when we had decided one morning we would ABSOLUTELY shower early and go to bed to play that night, because we were so sick of the interference. Literally 5 minutes before we were planning to head up, the power started blinking, then finally went off entirely EXCEPT for some reason one bulb in DD’s room continued to glow (for the whole two hours the power was off), freaking her out and requiring us to all sleep in the living room together until the power came back on.

    Subsequent plans to make an early evening of it were foiled by him working late, a doctor appointment (mine) that left me NOT in the mood, and at least two meltdowns by the DD that probably registered on the Richter scale.

    So last night, we were pretty determined. I told him about the lingerie ahead of time, just to give him added incentive to make sure nothing interfered.


    I mentioned elsewhere that the kids switched up the food plan. Then, DH and I couldn’t find a movie that looked appealing that would get us in the mood. It had to have at least a little sizzle in it–a passionate kiss or two–but not too much and the indecision became laughable. The comfy-for-cuddling spot on our couch happens to be…well, the dog agrees it’s the comfy spot and gets upset when we take it from her. It took half the movie to get her to settle in at my feet, and then we hear footsteps and “We’re coming down!!’ Up popped the dog like a Jack-in-the-Box.

    I asked DD what they thought they were going to catch us doing, and she says, “sex stuff!”

    Then the boyfriend comes down twice more–with warning–for drinks. Guess he was thirsty.

    Finally, the boyfriend is gone, the pets are settled, we head upstairs intending to leave DD downstairs…aaaaand she jumps up and runs upstairs right after us. (She doesn’t like turning the lights off when she goes upstairs last.) All the way up, she’s yelling (in a weird accent, no less), “NO SEXY FUN TIMES!” And she repeats it a dozen times. All loud and in a weird accent. We laughed about it…until we discovered at the height of…events…that my vibrator was missing. The one that I depend on for my O. Gone. Poof. After the did-she-swipe-it scare a while back, we’ve made a point to hide things really well…apparently I hid it too well and forgot where it was. I found it this morning,

    Maybe the universe will cut us a break tonight. :/



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      I hear what you are saying. It almost sounds normal.   But when we do connect, it’s that much more special.  yesterday was a good example as we had planned for weeks and even bought new red silk sheets.  Then, in exhaustion from a long day, I passed out.  Oh,  and forgetting where you put the vibrator, that happens a few times a year.

      Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on February 15, 2020.
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        Yup. Been there and done that! It especially seems to happen when one is putting forth extra effort, too. Sometimes, I’m convinced its the devil, trying to hinder a happy marriage. After all, if he can eventually wreck a marriage/home, he’s done what he set out to do. Just my humble opinion!

        Under the stars Answered on February 15, 2020.
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          I think there’s something to what Brynna said. I remember at the beginning of my change how I often would feel like I was getting an upset stomach. Normally that would be a good reason and excuse to put off sex. But since I was committed to not saying “no”, I pushed through it. After multiple times of the stomachache going away as soon as we started, I realized it was spiritual, and then that “hinderence” quit occuring.

          Under the stars Answered on February 15, 2020.

          WOW. This is kind of a big deal. We seem to have lots of tummy issues at our house and it has never occurred to me that they might be a spiritual interference with the good things we try to do. This will be much on my mind now!

          on February 15, 2020.
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            It certainly has done us as we’ve gotten older.  I can be horny and in the mood and have it make orgasm harder!  Then not in the mood but of course have sex with hubby anyway and have a great O.  My hip is determined to keep me from almost all positions, my vagina wants to close up shop, LOL (well not really but i have to “medicate” it these days) and it seems like “in the mood” for both hubby and i can rage and fizzle within hours!  Welcome to the “Golden Years”…yeah right…they lied!!

            Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on February 15, 2020.

            Well. That’s…encouraging. NOT!! ROFLOL!

            The thing is, I’m having a little trouble reconciling myself to the idea of being in the vicinity of my “Golden Years”. I’m way too young for that! I’ve only been out of high school for a half-dozen years, after all. (Okay, two and a half-dozen, but who’s counting?)

            on February 16, 2020.
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              So glad to hear (joke) that this gets easier with older kids. With grades school kids and there neighbor friends it seems we have no shot at fun time.

              Twin bed Answered on February 18, 2020.

              I remember well! Although if you do it right, you could get a circle going with the other parents so they are always at a different house and only one MB is lonely at a time. We sort of did the opposite; we started having DD’s friends over every Friday in the summer to establish our house as the fun place to hang out so we would know where she is more when they all start driving. An unexpected side benefit is that we now have a whole bunch of parents who are willing to take DD in for an evening at the drop of a hat out of gratefulness for whole summers of planned (take-away-able), active, fun Fridays for their kids and free evenings for themselves. Plus, points with DD and we got to know her friends. Win-win-win! (But I admit, not much of a benefit in the sex department.) Hang in there. Someday we’ll miss these days! 🙁

              on February 19, 2020.
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