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The Lord answered my prayer to get rid of our cable (Praise God!) and I would like suggestions on family games that you enjoy and play.

We have Uno, Phase 10, Boggle, Dutch Blitz, and Monopoly.  We tried Apples to Apples (meh) and the jellybean game (double meh).

What are your favorite family card or board games and why? 🙂

Blanket on a secluded beach! Asked on March 8, 2020 in Chit Chat, Jokes, and More .
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    We love the more complex games… Settlers of Catan is a good starter.  Others are Puerto Rico, 1775, Vikings.

    A great resource, w/ videos, ratings, lots of discussion, is

    Twin bed Answered on March 8, 2020.
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      In an entertaining coincidence, just had a game night with my sibs and fams last night; best game of the night and a personal fave–Scattergories. Taboo was also great fun. Our teen daughter and her friends love What Do You Meme. and Don’t Break the Ice. If you are looking for dual-purpose, we have one that is a little dated and I don’t know whether there is an updated version or if it’s out of print but even with late 70’s/early 80’s sensibilities it teaches an essential life skill: Payday.  When DD was smaller she loved StoryCubes. That one is especially great to take with you to a restaurant to help pass the time for hungry kids while waiting for the meal. There are a bunch of expansion/alternate dice to that now too. A good one if you like mostly chance with a little strategy is Yatzee. My other all-time fave is Clue.

      Under the stars Answered on March 8, 2020.
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        When I play games with the children, we stick to Blitz and Phase 10. I am not a game player at all, but those are ok. Our youngest loves Uno so we have played lots of that as well.

        Otherwise, DH plays some board games with the children. Payday, any of the ‘opoly games, Stubble Jumper, and the latest, Farming Game which I recently found at a thrift store, about brand new. We don’t have The Game of Life, but it is quite an entertaining game as well. Our children loved playing it when they had a chance.

        I know puzzles aren’t games, but we sure enjoy doing those. Get a 500 or 1000 pieces that has lots of variety and even our youngest can help, than.

        Under the stars Answered on March 8, 2020.
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          Farkle, Skip Bo, Aggravation

          Under the stars Answered on March 8, 2020.
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            One of my favorite board games as a kid was the Farming Game. If you want a fun and complex card game, look for Bang! It’s a Wild West game (sheriff vs. outlaws).

            On the floor Answered on March 8, 2020.
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              Exploding Kittens
              Axis and Allies
              Five Second Rule
              Forbidden Island (that one really builds communication skills)

              Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on March 8, 2020.
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                I love Trivial Pursuit but rarely find people that want to play it with me.

                I also love Tri-Bond and Times To Remember.

                California King Answered on March 8, 2020.

                People don’t like to play TP with you because you know almost everything and the rest of us are pretty well guaranteed to lose when we play you. 😉

                on March 8, 2020.
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                  Dutch Blitz is a fave at our house. Taboo…Guesstures…Telestrations…5 Second Rule…and if, if, IF you’re good with some off-color humor, Relative Insanity. (This redneck, blue collar comedy tour meets Apples to Apples. There is a reason it says, “ages 14 and above”.)

                  The wife & I will also play Sequence together.

                  Under the stars Answered on March 9, 2020.
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