Getting spouse reach the stars

    What’s your best hand usage for getting spouse go out there?

    I found this method really effective for my DW

    Lay next to the spouse. Long and deep kiss is a good introduction.

    Next use lubricant on nipples. First soft touches, squeezes, turning around. Then stronger, some pulling breast by a nipple. With one hand busy on the nipple, the other nipple should be sucked. Change nipples occasionally. Always feel the response, what you can do, ask for feedback. Every day is different.

    The other hand starts wondering around the vagina, clitoris. Use one finger to enter inside. Go for upper wall, the g-spot. Slow movement. After some time put second finger inside, increase the speed. Thumb is always busy with clitoris. Then put third finger. With three fingers inside you can switch roles, one or two fingers on g-spot, and third try to reach far, down. Always feel what’s ok today. Always lubricating all areas that are being touched. Finally with a lube, use small finger to touch rear entry. Play a little and start going inside. Gradually, pit fingers deeper. Once all the fingers inserted, play with tempo, rhythm and intensity. All hands and mouth busy.

    Hopefully this will help. Looking forward for ideas.


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      John, your approach is fine and good. However, it seems to me many ladies would like a more subtle, indirect approach that begins without immediate and direct stimulation of her bits, but rather builds up slowly, teases more before us guys go for our “favorite” places!

      Under the stars Answered on September 12, 2020.

      Yes, agree with this.  I have found my orgasms more intense when DH spends time kissing, licking and nibbling my neck, back and legs first.  The more time he spends with indirect touch, the more intense my orgasm.

      7 days ago.

      Thanks for sharing that. I find that this type of slower, indirect, building approach is also beneficial for me and makes my O more intense as well 😀 So, maybe it isn’t a female thing!

      6 days ago.
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        Yeah mine doesn’t care for breast stimulation. But the very slow kissing then slow teasing around the secret spot blows her mind. If you go slow go slower. Light touch on the clit will send her through the roof. My wife is begging for PIV at that point. She only lasts a few minutes but the orgasm is crazy. The secret is to take your time. She only likes her orgasms through PIV. She claims its more intense

        Twin bed Answered 7 days ago.
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