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    Yes, I’m still with Defy medical for TRT. I had my last blood work a couple months back. Everything was great except my PSA with had gone from a 4 to 5.4. Since starting TRT it has hovered around 4.  Defy told me to stop everything.

    I went to see my CNP and she did not seem concerned about it. Said to wait a couple of months and re-check it. While waiting I looked up articles on Peak Testosterone on how o lower your PSA with supplements. I had my PSA checked after about 6 weeks and it had dropped to 2.4. Evidently, I had some inflammation and the supplements helped.

    Went back to see my CNP and had a consult with Nurse Jill at Defy and she told me to start TRT again. It’s been hard getting back on schedule after being shut down for so long, but I’m getting back into the routine again.

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      Here are some of the supplements I took to lower my PSA


      • Resveratrol: 250 mg twice daily
      • Indole-3-Carbinol: 200mg twice daily  *
      • Bromelain: 500mg twice daily  *
      • Quercetin: 300mg twice daily  *
      • Turmeric Extract: 300 mg twice daily  *


      Hammock Answered on April 5, 2019.
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