How to get started with anal

    I know on the last forum there were great tips for getting started for anal penetration. Best tips for when and how to start/how. How to use butt plugs etc. I know lots of lube and then more than that. Slow and keep communication open. Any other tips for newbies?

    For toys do you need a condom on them for cleanliness? If not what is the best cleaner? If a toy does not have a condom on it and is washed can it be used vaginally or once a toy is used for anal that is it?

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      Beyond the tips you have mentioned…

      1. Being highly aroused makes it easier and more enjoyable.

      2. This is a preference, but AS in missionary is an option and I like it better than rear entry. Just put something under your hips to tilt and prop your pelvis up.

      3. Once you have success and if you like it, adding something in vaginally as well (double penetration) adds a whole other dimension. I like to have something for the vaginal muscles to “grip”. It makes my experience more fulfilling.

      4. Relax and be willing to laugh as you two experiment.

      With toys, we have never used condoms. To clean, we have only ever used warm water and soap, and if applicable, we will use them vaginally again after cleaning. Most of the toys we use anally, are specifically for anal.

      Under the stars Answered on November 29, 2019.
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        I have never done anything other that be freshly showered. That seems to be good enough.

        Under the stars Answered on November 30, 2019.
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          Hope does one fully empty out? I know some do enemas and some skip it saying it causes more mess/presence.

          I feel like I can never get clean. I wipe so much and have used baby wipes etc. I always clean in the shower but if I know we are going to be intimate I have inserted a finger tip to clean the ‘entrance’ but still don’t feel fully clean unless I shower but even then I have noticed the presence of residue on me. It is so frustrating as I am not being lazy with cleaning! I feel like I spend so much time cleaning up for just a regular day and never feel clean.

          Twin bed Answered on November 30, 2019.
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