Is the G spot orgasm a matter of practice or is it not present for some women? Any tips or tricks?


    Curious. We have tried and tried, coming close but with no completion.  I’m all for practicing more, but DH gets a little defeated. He says he can feel a difference in the vaginal wall where we presume my G-spot is. Is that accurate? We would attempt to learn more through the internet, but that can be DANGEROUS!

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      Every woman is different (presumably.)

      I have an old book called ESO, extended sexual orgasm, and followed the instructions in it.

      Basically, you bring her up to a regular clitoral (or it could be penile thrusting) orgasm, then toward the end of that, start massaging the G-spot.  My wife likes it really close to the opening, at least to start, probably just the tip of the G-spot near the opening.   Another way we do it is with clitoral stimulation combined with the G-spot orgasm.

      The book said the G-Spot can swell up really big.  I’ve felt that before, but usually that is after some really extended play, maybe after two or three G-spot orgasms after however orgasms she had before that.  That doesn’t happen in one of our normal sex sessions.  And we don’t do g-spot stimulation every time.  It’s an occasional thing.  Maybe once every month or two, my wife will say she feels like she needs a g-spot orgasm.

      If she feels a build up of fluid and it doesn’t release when she has an orgasm, she may ask for G-spot play.

      And in some positions I’ll try to thrust so as to hit or rub against the g-spot some, so I’m not counting that in how often we do g-spot play.  That may help her be able to ejaculate.

      Since my wife ejaculates maybe every other time or every three times we have sex (including just about any time we get really intense with me stimulating her during a session), we are usually prepared to catch the stuff.  I went to a Walmart that sells cloth.  They had the thick clear plastic you can cover chairs and sofas with.  I got some pieces of that.  We lay that on the bed with a cloth over it.  We have used towels, old baby blankets, old t-shirts, cloth diapers/burp cloths, etc. for this purpose.  (That baby stuff comes in handy after they get bigger.  We used a rubber diaper changing mat before the plastic thing.)  I usually have some kind of cloth used specifically for sex at any given time.

      Usually, when we have sex, I get the gear, which would include the pad and cloth. She can ejaculate quite a bit, maybe a cup or three cups or whatever.  If she has lots of orgasms like that, a lot can come out.

      You don’t know what will happen if she does have a g-spot orgasm.  It could get mess, or not, depending on what her body is like, but it does make sense to be prepped up.  If you have any Space Bags, those can work under a towel if you keep the knob part somewhere that is not under her.  If she knows she can have a female ejaculation without messing up the bed,  and if she knows you are cool with it, she might feel more free, which might help the g-spot orgasm happen.

      California King Answered on August 27, 2019.
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        Have you tried discovering it on your own?

        If I recall correctly, it is often with g-spot stimulation that female ejaculation can occur, because of that, sometimes a bathtub is a great place to practice because it can ease the mind and help one push through that feeling of having to pee. I also know with orgasming via g-spot requires (at least for some) to push out versus the squeezing of muscles that is typically done with orgasms.

        I suggest to explore and practice on your own, and then you can know how to direct your husband.

        Under the stars Answered on August 20, 2019.
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          I could care less about the ejaculate, I’m more curious about the O sensation that is apparently different/stronger than a clitoral O. If that is accurate.

          King bed Answered on August 20, 2019.
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            A more approiate term is G-area.  It is not a spot from what I have researched.

            What have you two tried?  Any toy use too?

            Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on August 20, 2019.
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              It may be a present possibility,  but we have yet to identify, discover, benefit of it by anything other than the immense pleasure of repeated attempts at its identity, discovery, etc.

              Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on August 20, 2019.
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                I find that my G-spot becomes much easier to find and stimulate the more aroused I am.  So after a bit of external stimulation, kissing, nipples, vulva, and clitoris, my G-spot is very detectable an inch or two inside.  I can feel it with my fingers as can my husband.  It’s kind of like touching a half of a large grape against the front wall.   A bit firmer than the surrounding area.  My husband says it feels a little textured but I’ve not noticed that too much.

                The easiest way to stimulate it, at least for me, is with a G-spot toy or my husband’s fingers.  Classic “come hither” strokes with two fingers is perfect and some toys work really well too.  Some PIV positions can really do the job too.  Again, for me, G-spot orgasms feel different than clitoris orgasms – much deeper if that makes sense.  Of course, both together is an amazing experience.

                Fell out of ... Answered on August 22, 2019.

                Thanks for the suggestions, New Wife!

                on August 22, 2019.

                My experience mirrors the second paragraph of New Wife’s exactly.

                on August 22, 2019.
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                  Here is our experience with G-spot stimulation.

                  First of all, I wouldn’t worry too much about finding the precise spot.  In our experience, there isn’t one. I think all the G-spot is is the back side of the clitoris.  Just stimulate the area at the top of the vagina, behind the pubic bone. It is pretty far in and up (lying on her back), so I doubt she could reach it.  Sometimes, if she is aroused, there will be a slightly  wrinkly-er area there, but usually not. I haven’t found that it matters.

                  It was not pleasant at first. It made her feel like she needed to pee.  But the sensation went away after a few sessions, and it started feeling good.

                  It is not her go-to way to orgasm.  She still has her first orgasm her usual way, from manual clitoral stimulation. But I switch to G-spot stimulation after that, and frequently she will have a second or third.  What’s really great is that I follow that with PIV, and sometimes she will orgasm again with me in her.  I love it. That almost never happened before.

                  She has ejaculated a few times.  It is only a teaspoon or two, not enough to worry about mess-wise.  If you have seen the documentary on Motley Crue, trust me, they took theatrical license.  The important thing is for her not to fight any sensation of anything wanting to come out. Pee before she starts sex, and if she did pee in bed, it wouldn’t be much.  DW never has.  Good sex is messy, so take steps to protect your mattress whether ejaculation is a concern or not 🙂

                  Usually  we do G-spot stimulation as part of the finale, but we do it as foreplay a little too. If she needs more lubrication, that usually makes some.

                  Queen bed Answered on August 22, 2019.
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                    I honestly have never explored myself internally, I wouldn’t know where to begin, but I might give it a shot.  I also don’t like penetrative toys. I know that’s strange but I only like DH in there! I only have toys for clitoral stimulation.

                    DH generally makes the attempt with his fingers and often adds OS. I do feel a sort of pressure and fullness down there during this time. Typically I end up O-ing from the OS. I’ve also felt similar sensations when I’m at the end of the bed with my legs on DH’s shoulders during PIV, but we’re usually done before then.

                    I have once gotten to a point where I felt an urge to urinate which made me stop.  I wouldn’t say it was entirely pleasurable until the moment I felt the urge to urinate, at that point it was like going from 0-60 or maybe more like 10-60. I did actually get up and urinate.

                    King bed Answered on August 20, 2019.
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                      Are you trying to ejaculate or you are looking more into feeling the G-area?

                      Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on August 20, 2019.
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                        After 18 years of marriage and some experimentation with stimulating the G spot, my DW has yet to orgasm from internal stimulation of the “G area”. Our situation is a bit opposite yours (JBinthehouse) in the sense that it’s me wanting to further explore g-spot O for her benefit, while she doesn’t see the use in continuing to try since a) so far stimulating the g-spot has not proven to give much of any sensation and b) she feels completely satisfied with her clitoral orgasms. If I insist on wanting to focus more on stimulating her there, she allows it. I do feel like I’m hitting the right spot since I can feel the change in surface/texture when she is aroused.

                        Though she’s not opposed to self-stimulation, she rarely (if ever) does so, and would most likely not be too much into exploring internally. Maybe I should encourage her to do so more? It’s just that if from the outset it’s something that she’s not too interested in discovering herself, it most likely won’t work for her – and may even reinforce the idea in her own mind that she’s just one of those women that can’t have an O from g-spot stimulation (that’s what she claims).

                        When i hear other women talk about g-spot orgasm (its intensity, etc), it makes me wish that I could give her that experience. Also, if she could start being able to have orgasms from internal stimulation, it may improve our lovemaking as well. Currently, she cannot O from a position like doggy style since there is no direct clitoral contact and hitting the g-spot doesn’t do much for her.

                        I guess, two related questions for women who have experience g-spot orgasm would be:
                        1. Have you found self-stimulation/exploration to be a key component in learning how to stimulate the g-spot (should I insist more about her trying it herself?)
                        2. Are there other specific activities/exercises that can be done to “learn” how to get her there?

                        Double bed Answered on August 20, 2019.
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