Is there a difference between a guy going skimpy versus a gal?

    I have a son who has been into body building for a couple of years. Right now he is in the midst of doing some training, in hopes to actually be part of a competition.  Have you seen what these bodybuilders wear at those competitions?   😳🤢

    I am not fully behind what he is doing for various reasons, such as I don’t think his diet is actually healthy in the long run.  But one question I have raised with my husband is, Should we challenge him on whether this is really appropriate as a representative of Christ?  Would we be okay if our daughter went out in a string bikini to pose and show off her body? Is there a difference?

    My husband seems to think there is a difference.  He seems to be fine with our son doing it, but wouldn’t be for our daughter.

    What are your thoughts? 

    Under the stars Asked on August 24, 2019 in Children.
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      Bodybuilders wear the suites they do in order to display the muscles they have worked so hard to develop.  The sport would be useless if the women were wearing burkinis and the men wore board shorts.  To those who judge these athletes I say this; perversion is in the eye and heart of the pervert.

      Double bed Answered on August 26, 2019.
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        @rkitek, one does not have to be a pervert to see it anything different than absolutely appropriate. If one gets turned on by that much skin or body, doesn’t make them a pervert. If one deems it inappropriate doesn’t make it a perversion either. If it is contrary to what we see glorifying God, that is perversion.

        Under the stars Answered on August 26, 2019.

        Your last sentence is where it get’s sticky.  You said “what we see”.  In other words, it becomes a judgement call by us.  It’s what we see and how we interpret someone else’s actions. One can say the suits in questions are too skimpy, and that may be the case.  But there is no suit worn by the average woman that would not have been seen as sinful just a century ago, let alone in Biblical times.  Hence the problem when we attempt to apply “Biblical modesty” to what we consider acceptable today.  If someone gets turned on by excessive skin, the problem is not in the skin, but the heart of the one that can’t control themselves.  Forever the church has blamed women for men not controlling themselves.  Instead of dealing with the heart of men, the church puts the blame on the dress of women.

        on August 26, 2019.
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          rkitek does raise what I believe is a good point.  I know this is a barrow I have pushed for a long while but Christian Missionaries have been wandering into jungles for years and converting tribes to Jesus as a white upwardly mobile middle class version of God.  And the real Jesus was a grubby little Arab who would scare most people sitting beside him on a plane today.  Maybe this is just a tribe that gets together in their tribal outfit and does its tribal thing?

          On a different note, the other thought I had was that if musclyeighteen is the man of God that you believe him to be and he hasn’t been convicted by the Holy Spirit that his attire in competition is inappropriate perhaps God doesn’t see it as a problem either?

          Queen bed Answered on August 26, 2019.
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            This is actually a petpeeve of mine, often seen in movies portraying the Israelites, they weren’t dirty people, Jesus wasn’t grubby, Jews had a very high cleanliness standard, set by God….but that’s beside the point 😉

            Beyond the apparal, I see a strong spirit of pride in it. Maybe that’s not how most or all are, I have never been around the scene, but from what I am glimpsing, I see it. Pride is not glorifying God.

            My son is a youth, growing into a man of God. His flesh often beats out the spirit, I wouldn’t go off of his feelings. I have pretty good spiritual discernment and there is no peace here yet, so the Spirit is stirring something. Believe it or not, I am actually okay with my kids learning the hard way if that’s what it takes. I am actually a mother who prays for God to be merciful, but to break her children, and I know what being broken entails (often being handed over to sin)….I also know what’s on the other side 🙂

            Under the stars Answered on August 26, 2019.
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              There is a difference between ‘dirty’ and ‘grubby’ – although that was a reference to his colour as much as his cleanliness.  Life without mains pressure hot water in that environment/climate would have been sorely testing.  I see it today where I live.  Ah, but the blessed relief from ‘washing the feet’ of someone who has a days worth of walking dust up to their knees must have been lavish.  When we go camping I have a bucket of water every night for my wife to wash her legs off before she climbs into bed because she can’t stand that dusty feeling.

              On a different note – again – you mention pride as a motivating factor in these competitions (and I agree to an extent).  How do you feel about – say – a Church based basketball team wanting to win a competition?

              ETA: Grubby vs dirty.  I wear grubby or stained but washed clean shirts when I am working around our house so that I don’t stain my social shirts.  At the end of the day I wash it and it is now clean, but still stained.  I only shave when it occurs to me so I am normally stubbled to some extent.  My wife would say I look ‘grubby’ much as Jesus would have.  We are divided by a common language.

              Queen bed Answered on August 26, 2019.
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                “If one gets turned on by that much skin or body, doesn’t make them a pervert.”  This is true.  It is also true that we are all going to have to make some major changes if we decide what is appropriate based on what might turn on someone else.  For the record, there is a difference between lusting and being turned on.  If we redefine the scenario to lusting, then yes, we are talking about a perversion.

                Would your husband be against your daughter going skimpy in the context of a bodybuilding competition?  If so, that does seem like a total double-standard.  To argue the other side, I could say that, well, men are visually wired differently than women, so it is more important for women to be modest to avoid stirring up lust in a man.  Then I run back to the other side of the debate table, and mention that gay men are also wired visually, and would your husband and son like to consider how a gay man might be looking at your son in a skimpy outfit.

                On the floor Answered on August 26, 2019.
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