Ladies, what the heck just happened?

Ok, so last night, something happened in/to dear wife and her response was a memory maker!!!

So here’s the basics/history, due to EARLY menopause, dear wife (42) is always willing to serve me but her desire right now is gone with the wind, she can be responsive many times after starting, she’s taking natural supplements for the menop. symptoms and started something last month for desire which usually takes a month to see if it’ll help. We’d both had a LONG day yesterday and I came home and vented poorly about a situation so we had a “fight” over something after I walked in the door (not one my finest moments).

Ok, moving along to bed since it was already late and we’d worked things through, she started kissing and touching me and we were clearly gonna ML, so after giving me some attention, I asked if she’d like to use a toy, “Yes, and got it but I want to feel your hand first” After a little attention, we started using a rabbit-type toy (3rd x to use in 6 months). She inserted it, placed it between her legs and rolled on her side while we continued kissing.  Since she had it between her legs, I could also use both hands and my mouth. QUICKLY, the next thing I know, she made a sound like I thought she was in pain and then she “exploded” with her O…AND in laughter. Huh? She couldn’t stop laughing. So it’s my turn to jump in and finish and all the while she’s still laughing about the feeling and experience. What the heck? All she could say was, it was deep and she’d NEVER felt something like that before. I tried last night and this morning to get more of a description from DW but she couldn’t tell me any more. I guess we’ll have to try a few experiments to see if we can figure out what happened.😀

Ladies, so I really am curious…

1) With the rabbit-style toy, could this have been a G-spot O?

2) Is a G-spot orgasm feel different than a clitoral one? If so, how would you describe it?

3) When DW gets highly aroused and on through the O, she describes it as all her nerve endings are on fire, NOT painful, just really sensitive to the touch, HYPER-sensitive; so with any touch, she will physical move her body away from it because she’s so turned on. Does that happen to you when aroused, and if yes, how would you described it?

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    The last O my DW had, she started laughing after the initial explosion as well…and did for while as I was finishing. It was a little distracting at first,  I must admit. But it was obviously a pleasurable reaction. This has happened a few times over the years. But this time was the first time there was a small wand vibe involved along with PIV, and our position does provide for possible G spot stimulation. Connection?…IDN

    Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on July 2, 2020.
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      I’m sorry, I can’t speak to this, as I don’t think I have ever had a gspot orgasm.  Sounds like a fun thing to explore though

      On the floor Answered on July 2, 2020.

      Yes, DW thought so too.

      on July 2, 2020.
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        As you know, we’re less than a year into our orgasmic experiences, so our input may be of only limited value, but I’ll add it anyway.

        Zelda definitely has different types of O’s, and when she started describing it I was kind of blown away because I’d read about it but wasn’t sure it really existed. For her, the easiest distinguishing characteristic is where the source of pleasure builds, so I recommend asking your DW that one, as that might be a way for her to describe it that you can understand. For Zelda, it’s largely split into “vaginal” or “clitoral” as the sources (though vaginal could ideally be split into at least 3 sources, see the link below). Zelda obviously gets purely clitoral ones when there is no internal stimulation (which has only been the few times she vibed while on her period). For PIV+vibe, she gets anywhere from nearly purely clitoral to a range of “blended” orgasms…she has not yet had a purely vaginal one, and she may not be able to. When I first used the word “blended”, she immediately said that it was a great description. For blended, she feels the pleasure/pressure building in more than one location. The clitoral ones are nice, but the blended ones are far superior she says–and what you described may not be too much different from what Zelda talks about. Interestingly, near the end of her last cycle she had potentially the “most vaginal” orgasm ever, which she estimated at 70/30 vaginal/clitoral. She said it was actually less pleasurable than a roughly equal mixture.

        A good read is the PDF linked in this article from Married Christian Sex: All About Female Orgasms (Safe Diagrams). They talk about distinctly different “vaginal” orgasms as well as blended ones and how many women find them to be superior to an individual type. Haven’t talked with Zelda too much about the different vaginal ones…so we should do that sometime. Oh, and the PDF also indicated that one type of O can trigger the other type in a blended O, so I’m guessing the order of triggering could make for different sensations.

        As to the laughing thing, I think extreme emotions of different kinds can happen to anyone post O. Here is an article about it: Here’s Why You Might Start Laughing After an Orgasm, though I haven’t read it all or confirmed it is all “safe” (though it appears to be). From what you described, you two just had some moderately serious emotional bonding, which might play in (along with your wife’s crazy hormones). Make-up sex is real and can be some of the best sex there is, particularly for wives.

        Overall, I think exploring the different pathways to pleasure and/or orgasm is a great way for couples to experiment with new things in the bedroom and learn more about each other. Because of the various hormonal states women can be in, experiences can be all over the map, meaning you should practice often 😉 We don’t have a G-Spot vibrator ourselves, but we just ordered a vibe that has that functionality, so once it comes in I’ll be super curious to see how it performs (particularly since Zelda seems to get more from internal stimulation than many women do).

        Happy playing!


        Under the stars Answered on July 3, 2020.

        Thx Scott

        on July 3, 2020.
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          Yes, G-spot orgasms feel different to me. Deeper, more grounded and intimate. I have been know you laugh uncontrollably or cry uncontrollably due to some intense Os. After an O my nerves are hyper-sensitive and touch feels extra good. My clitoris is often too sensitive to touch directly for a little while but other times I enjoy the intensity. It just depends.
          It’s possible that reconciling (after the fight) brought you two closer emotionally. I have my best Os after deep, emotional, open conversations and sharing. We’ll make love, snuggle in the afterglow, he will wax romantic, touch my heart tenderly by sharing his heart, and when we end up making love again I will have incredible Os. For me, the emotional component is very important. I didn’t know that until recently.

          California King Answered on July 3, 2020.
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            Thx Scott. Yes, DW would agree, it was a blended orgasm.

            Under the stars Answered on July 3, 2020.
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              A bit of follow up on my previous answer. First, in classical Scott form, I wanted to provide some related links:

              Is the G spot orgasm a matter of practice or is it not present for some women? Any tips or tricks?

              Clitoral, G-Spot and Deep Spot – 3 Pathways to Pleasure || Awaken Love

              The first is probably the best thread related to G-Spot here at TMB. The second is a very good article by Ruth Buezis on female orgasms in general and the ways to get there. You might consider it a differently written version of the MCS article I linked to earlier. Ruth combines the A-spot and P-spot into a single “deep spot”.

              The discussion here led to me chatting with Zelda about the differences in her O’s in a little more detail. The vaginal component can definitely be split into “shallower” and “deeper”, very much in line with what Ruth says in the link (assuming that “shallow” = “G-Spot”…honestly I don’t care if they’re not exactly the same as she gets pleasure either way). Zelda personally prefers the “deeper” ones, but every woman is different of course.

              I also wanted to expand on the “range of ‘blended’ orgasms” I mentioned in my first answer. This range includes the “shallow” vs. “deep” as well as the percent of one of those as compared to the clitoral component. While I may be able to control to a degree whether shallow or deep will be triggered via thrusting, neither of us seem to have much control over how clitoral the blended O is, nor whether the shallow/G-spot or “deep spot” is even available for strong sexual pleasure on a given night (that seems to ebb and flow with her cycle). In contrast, the clitoris path seems to be available any time she is aroused. As a very specific example, in one recent encounter the shallow spot wasn’t doing much for her and despite the “deep spot” being quite important in the arousal path, the final O was largely clitoral. In contrast, there have been times I didn’t make it to the finish line and she still ended up with a blended O a minute or two later even though she wasn’t actively receiving internal stimulation at the time.

              Finally, I know I’ve read at least in one place that to achieve a full G-spot orgasm means leaving the clitoris alone while the G-spot is stimulated.


              Under the stars Answered on July 6, 2020.
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                Since the toy stimulates both g spot and clitoris, I can say that those are the most intense orgasms for me. Also, it’s not unusual to experience intense emotions with orgasms. I have laughed, cried (good tears), and felt extremely bonded to my husband after intense orgasms.
                I had a professor at my Christian college who told our engaged student group she and her husband had experienced speaking in tongues during climax. I thought it was a bit much, until I hit middle age and had what felt like a spiritual experience with my orgasm. Hey, God created sex after all…



                Queen bed Answered on October 2, 2020.
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                  UPDATE (since it got brought back up in the cycle): That vibe from married was the best $30 I’ve spent. (It’s still one of their BEST SELLERS and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.)  We agree, it’s still her favorite go-to toy.

                  For those who’ve never tried a toy, it’s a cheap option to start with and better than just a small external vibrator because of the internal mechanism. Admittedly, it took DW a little while to get used to the idea of something insertable but once she got used to the idea and found it pleasurable the 2nd time using it, it became her favorite.

                  Under the stars Answered on October 2, 2020.

                  As with all things, YMMV. The internal vibrations on our We-Vibe Chorus give little/no pleasurable sensations for Zelda. Their only benefit for her seems to be to increase blood flow to that area. I once used its internal vibration portion only while she vibed externally with our go-to vibe (the We-Vibe Touch), and she said afterwards that my fingers do better for her than the internal vibe. I’ll take that as a compliment!


                  on October 2, 2020.
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