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    Is it true that if you masturbate in the morning, your orgasm with your wife that evening can be more intense and you can last longer?

    It depends on a lot of things.

    For one thing, if you are young, it might be easier to have that second orgasm at night and the erection leading up to it than it would be for a man in his ’60’s or ’80’s.

    Generally though if I have had an ejaculatory orgasm earlier in the day, it is easier to hold off on the next one and last a long time, or at least it was when I was younger.  Is the second orgasm more intense?  That is unlikely.  Of course, you could get worked up really well and have a better-feeling orgasm later in the day because the whole experience was better, but normally it seems like holding off on sex for a while leads to stronger orgasms.  It can also lead to less control and a shorter time between start to finish for a younger men.

    I have also read where men who had a second orgasm on the same erection might experience a stronger second orgasm.  I don’t think that has ever been the case for me.  I think the first orgasm has always been more powerful, though the second is pretty good, too.  I might have had a third before in life on rare occasion, which would be like the second or weaker.   I’m talking ejaculatory orgasms.  If you call that feeling of pleasure when edging a non-ejaculatory ‘orgasm’, they tend to get stronger and stronger as you keep having them.

    on August 29, 2020.
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      All of this depends on a lot of factors, including, but not limited to, your refractory period, how long you typically last, how long you want to last, etc.

      If you O in the morning, your orgasm will likely be delayed in the evening, but depending on your “standard performance”, that’s not necessarily good. I have found ways to hold off the O practically indefinitely at our normal “2C” output and standard position most of the time (normal amounts of time between sessions, no triggers to make me accidentally hit PONR, etc.). The limitation (on my end) then becomes how long can I stay firmly erect under that level of stimulation before losing the erection. In that case, I would do better to not O the morning of because with my refractory period that means I might only get 10-12 minutes of solid (pun intended) performance before getting soft (again, with all other conditions being the same). That is compared to 35-50 minutes on 2-3 days’ rest. Regardless, I am unaware of any reason that this would make your evening O more intense.

      Now, if you choose to not O in the morning, instead “edging” yourself and then being sexually excited more than normal throughout the day, that can certainly make your O more intense in the evening. However, it can also make it much more difficult to last long. You might even get to a point where continued stimulation will make you O/ejaculate even if you aren’t fully erect.

      All that said, I strongly discourage you from secretly masturbating in the morning. Solo M by itself is probably up to you (and your wife’s) personal convictions, but it should not be a secret. I don’t know if yours is secret or not, but wanted to throw that out there.


      Under the stars Answered on August 28, 2020.

      For those men who have LD wives and who sex starve you regardless of any discussion, masturbation is all he gets. Telling men that they need to tell the wife of his extracurricular activities is like telling the uncaring wife that his “manhood” is small and then she laughs at him. the Bible has little if anything to say about it except idolatry is very specific so porn is idolatry.

      I read on the site that masturbation, if so desperately needed, should never be done with porn pics. Also porn does affect performance eventually with the wife.

      In all, masturbation, if done at all, WILL affect performance with your wife and not necessarily be better. Less is more.

      Also, anticipation for planned sex including your wife “flashing” you or telling you she forgot panties, etc, will produce more semen in the male throughout the day…its more of a brain thing. SO, wait for the wife. This assumes of course that sex is is not refused for a week or weeks before coming together for that planned intimate time.

      on August 28, 2020.
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        It probably depends on your refractory period, which many times has to do with age, as well as if you O’d and ejaculated.

        At my age, it takes a lot longer to get there and a lot more foreplay and build up in order to O twice in a 4-12 hr period. An erection happens but an O isn’t guaranteed as a male ages with various factors which is why the pleasure pursuit is more enjoyable as you age vs the “performance”.

        Under the stars Answered on August 28, 2020.
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          Scientifically/biologically? I’ve never read or researched anything that led me to that conclusion.

          Experientially? Over my many decades of life and orgasms, it’s never been true for me. If anything, a refractory period of less than 24 hours results in an orgasm of less than to equal to that of the first orgasm.

          Under the stars Answered on August 29, 2020.
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            If it is solely a matter of wanting to last longer because of too much pressure built up, so to speak, why not have a quickie in the morning that you can both remember fondly all day and then spend some focused quality time together that evening. Think of the quickie as extreme foreplay.

            Under the stars Answered on August 31, 2020.
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              I don’t know if your orgasm will be more intense, but biologically you will last longer because you already ejaculated earlier in the day, and, depending on your refractory  period, that usually means it will take longer to get to ejaculation.  I know that if we have sex twice in a day, that the second orgasm is usually less intense because I already ejaculated previously.  However, other factors may determine the ability to last longer and the intensity of your orgasm that evening, like the intensity of your lovemaking and what you do.  So, I think your “masturbation theory” is most likely folklore.

              On the floor Answered on August 28, 2020.

              He never specified if the morning M involved O/ejaculation or not…

              on August 28, 2020.

              Good point, Scott.

              on August 28, 2020.
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                Age dependent in my experience on lasting longer. Lots of other variables too. I’ve tried the ol’ “work one out before sex” idea more than once. Never achieved the desired results with any consistency.

                Intensity goes down though every time, even now.

                Under the stars Answered on August 28, 2020.
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                  I’ve never heard of masturbation used to perform better. Usually masturbation is a result of satisfying one’s sexual need when wife is not available or she is unwilling. For some men, M clears up his head and he can concentrate on other things without sex on his mind

                  I’ve also heard stories of wives who get angry at husbands who M secretly, while she is usually able and available to help him out but does not.

                  California King Answered on August 28, 2020.
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                    Masturbating a few hours before sex can definitely make you last longer, but it dulls the feeling down. I don’t think it will sex more intense, but less intense.

                    When I was younger, I couldn’t last long at all, wife would give me a handjob first, we would relax or do something else for an hour or so, then go back to bed for full sex. The second time around, I could last long enough for her to enjoy it. I eventually got to where I could last as long as needed!

                    When males orgasm, we produces a chemical that makes having a second orgasm very difficult for some length of time. When you are young, this can be very short, 30 minutes to an hour. As you get older, it can be several hours or a whole day. Not that you can get erect again, but orgasm is difficult. For older men in their 70’s, it can even be a few days.

                    On the floor Answered on August 30, 2020.
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                      I think this is a perfect example of “your mileage may vary.”  It depends not only on your physiology but possibly also your wife’s and how you typically make love, how often, etc.  Every person and every couple is a little different.  So it’s something you (and your wife) will just need to practice and experiment with to get the answer  🙂  And age is likely a huge factor.

                      King bed Answered on August 30, 2020.
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                        My husband doesn’t masturbate  because when he has in the past, his erection is not as hard as normal during sex.

                        Queen bed Answered on December 2, 2020.
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