Low T a Risk Factor for Covid-19???

    A study evaluated the risk factors of men admitted to a hospital in Germany for Covid-19 and found that one factor is low testosterone levels. This run contrary to recent discussion in the media where it has been argued that testosterone raises the risk for Covid-19.



    Seems plausible as Covid seems to hit older men more often than younger men.

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      It’s a small sample (35 men and 10 women) so it’s hard to draw robust conclusions.
      They seem to suggest that elevated testosterone is a risk factor in women, whilst low testosterone is a factor in men.
      However, they also found that the male patients were older (median age 62), and likely to be obese and/or have type 2 diabetes, all of which are factors that would reduce testosterone levels.

      They also suggest it’s possible that the coronavirus infection leads to a “cytokine storm” which inhibits testosterone production. It therefore could be that the low testosterone is (at least in part) a result of the severe coronavirus infection.

      On the floor Answered 6 days ago.
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        I can believe it.  I haven’t had the regular flu (which is also a coronavirus) since I started injecting testosterone 11 years ago.  And only a few colds.  I do not get the flu shot.  I used to get sick once or twice a year with something more serious than a cold, and had a few colds per year.

        Even if  testosterone does not help prevent COVID-19, it will still help if you catch it.  The biggest factor on how severe your symptoms are, if indeed you have any symptoms, is your general overall health.  Testosterone works wonders in that area.

        King bed Answered 6 days ago.

        The regular flu (influenza) is not a coronavirus. Some variants of the “common cold” are though.

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