Menopause…Painful sex…no desire


    I have been in menopause over a year, and sex has become quite painful for me.  It almost feels like getting vaginal “rope burn”.


    My gynecologist gave me a prescription for Premarin (to be used topically). Has anyone used this and what is the result? What are the risks?


    Has anyone else dealt with this and successfully overcome it?  Any suggestions would be welcome

    Cot Asked on January 28, 2020 in Menopause .
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      Based on your other post, this seems to be the least of your worries right now.

      On the floor Answered on January 29, 2020.
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        I have no experience with that medicine nor this situation.  Taking into account your other question about your husband, it sounds like your sex life could be coming to a stand still, would that be correct?

        A preventive tip:  I don’t know how much you read, or how informed you are in this area, but if you ever see sex as a possibility in your future (remarriage, etc), “use it so you don’t lose it”.  Regular blood flow to the vaginal walls, via arousal, helps keep them healthy.  IIRC, masturbation is just as effective as actual intercourse.

        Under the stars Answered on January 28, 2020.
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          Yes, you can overcome the effects of menopause!

          Premarin is a form of estrogen, and will alleviate vaginal pain and dryness. There is a small increased risk of cancer.

          However, there is a safer and more effective option available.  Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.  A bHRT doctor will check not only your estrogen levels, but testosterone and progesterone too. You need testosterone for libido and vaginal lubrication during sex.  Estrogen alone will not help your libido. You also need progesterone for overall health and to decrease your risk of cancer.  The bHRT doctor will address your overall health, not just menopausal/sexual issues.  She will check thyroid levels and other body chemistry.

          My wife had a hysterectomy, and had the symptoms you describe and worse.  We both went on bHRT. We are in our 60’s and enjoying the best sex and best health of our life.

          How do you find a bHRT doctor?  Go to and click on Directory.  Also, find a compounding pharmacy and ask for referrals.  treats you over the phone.  I know several men who use them and are happy with them.

          bHRT is still considered to be “alternative medicine” by the mainstream medical community. It has been around for 30 years, but is now catching on fast. You should have no problem finding someone. A lot of gyns/family practitioners/etc offer this service along with their regular practice.

          Queen bed Answered on January 30, 2020.
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            My DW uses Premarin after having a total Hysterectomy . Without it, she experiences the burning that the OP describes

            Queen bed Answered on January 29, 2020.
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              My DW’s experience with estrogen inter-vaginaly has been good overall. She was beginning to have some dryness and pain. Post-menopausal. Applies it 2x a week. Other than being fairly expensive and uncovered by insurance, and a 24 hour post application sex hiatus, the effects have all been positive. I can even tell the difference. At times we are proactive with using Astroglide X lube. Best we’ve tried. But it is not needed nearly as often now.

              She has had an estrogen sensitive phyloides breast tumor but her doctor has little concern.

              On the floor Answered on February 20, 2020.
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                The first question is…is sex important? If it is, there are several remedies. My wife took the appropriate treatment which was topical and all was good 6 mo ago. Then she got headaches and was told to lay of treatment for a week or so and then resume. However she gets busy, forgets and then blames me for not being “loving.” But I’ve done nothing out of the ordinary. Plus she gets moody and follows all the child abduction news and then drifts into a sort of don’t care attitude for sex which is an attitude that doesn’t try to do regular treatments. She comes up with the philosophy that people our age mostly don’t have sex, etc….her brain was better on the treatment before…I can’t remind her because she sees my desperation for normalizing our sex life. Thinks I can turn off my desire.

                King bed Answered on March 26, 2020.
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