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    Kind of an odd question that I figured I would ask the group here.  I’m wanting my wife and I to grow in our communication during the new year, as we’re on somewhat different schedules when it comes to our devotional life.  So I was thinking about getting a messaging that would be just for us.  Idea is that it would be somewhat private/protected (so we can be a little more private in our communication), and I would love for there to be some sort of “auto delete” function (basically it deletes the message after a week or so) so that we could send photos of our daily devotion and not have to delete a bunch of photos a few months later.

    Any recommendations?

    Queen bed Asked on December 30, 2019 in None of The Above.
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      First I’d like to say that the type of App you’re looking for is SnapChat…But bear in mind…nothing is ever really gone. Even after you’ve snapped a photo, the server picks it up even though its “deleted” off your phone. Also…I’m not really sure I as a married man would want an app on my phone that auto deletes…it really gives the appearance to my DW that  I have something to hide. Yes, the argument can me made that it’s for “you two”…but it can also be a red flag if not explained properly. My wife and I send things all the time via text and if we don’t want it, I spend 10 minutes going through my gallery and delete them.

      On the floor Answered on December 30, 2019.
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        Hi Hubz,

        Thanks for posting…You can check out this thread below which posed the same question:

        Some folks of the thread recommended the app “Couple”. 

        Another option is the app “Viber.”

        Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on December 30, 2019.
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          Another one that is completely encrypted and has been mentioned here before is “Signal”.

          Double bed Answered on December 30, 2019.
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            In addition, there are alternatives to Signal as well:


            Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on December 30, 2019.
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