Mount Airy Lodge, Poconos Mountains ~ 1997

    My wife and I married in 1997 and went to Mount Airy Lodge for our honeymoon. Might be a little cliché and cheesy, but we loved our time there! I always wanted to go back at our ten-year anniversary, but there was no way at the time. When I looked into it later, I discovered that Mount Airy Lodge is gone and replaced with a casino. Now I have two questions:


    1. Does anyone have any pictures from Mount Airy Lodge from the late 1990s? As young kids and enjoying, ahem, the excitement of newlyweds, we took only five pictures. I’d like to have some of the area, the rooms, the lodge, etc. for a 25th Anniversary.
    2. We stayed in one of the private chalets. This room had a personal indoor pool, sauna, hot-tub (heart shaped, of course) and a private patio. Does anyone know of a place that still exists that have similar amenities? Again, trying to plan for our 25th anniversary.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    Thanks all, and God bless.

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      Three of the four “Pocono Resorts” are still around: Pocono Palace….Cove Haven…and Paradise Stream. Do an internet search. All have rooms like what you had at the one now closed.

      Under the stars Answered on August 12, 2020.
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