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    I’ve been on Androgel for around 10 years, but last month my insurance company decided out of the blue to change it to a different category, which would have ended up costing me about 10 times what it did before!  I was trying to figure out what to do and found a compounding pharmacy about a 45 minute drive from my home.

    They were able to concoct a cream that is a lot stronger than the Androgel, so I use a lot less of it each day (I was doing 6 Androgel pumps, but the cream I only need 1ml applied).  Best of all, even without insurance my cost is only $60 for over a month’s supply!!

    I’d encourage any guy who is looking into T replacement and wants to use a gel or cream to go this route!

    Fell out of ... Asked on March 8, 2019 in Male Testosterone Issues .
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      You might want to contact your compounding pharmacy and ask them for a list of physicians who submit prescriptions to them – that might lead you to a physician who can help your wife with her hormones.  That’s how I found my hormone replacement doctor, and fortunately he was in our insurance network.

      Hammock Answered on March 14, 2019.
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        You’re lucky your doctor was able and willing to prescribe a compounded cream.  My primary care physician doesn’t prescribe anything compounded, which is why I have to see a separate doctor to get my compounded hormones.   Mine are pretty low priced too; I’m on 3 different ones but they’re each $25 a month, so not too terrible (insurance won’t cover them).

        Off topic, but WHEN is the medical profession going to get with the times re: hormone replacement therapy for both genders?  It’s still like finding a needle in a haystack when looking for a physician who will prescribe hormones.  I live in a pretty major metropolitan area, but there are still only about 10 physicians who will do it, and only ONE of them was in my insurance network.

        Hammock Answered on March 9, 2019.
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          Yeah, it took a little doing, but he’s been good about it.

          As to when the medical profession will get with the times, I wish I knew!  Not just for me but for my wife as well.  Her hormones have been off for years, but she can’t get any PCP to take her seriously.  She’s agreed to get tested by Defy just to see what her real levels are, and maybe start treatment with them.  Problem is that they are not cheap either.

          Fell out of ... Answered on March 13, 2019.
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            That’s a great idea, OML!  The compounding pharmacy has been awesome so far, and has bent over backwards to help me and also my wife with some questions she had.  I will definitely followup on your idea!!  Thanks!!

            Fell out of ... Answered on March 15, 2019.
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              My TRT journey began with creams. When I took the prescription to a compounding  Pharmacy the Pharmacist looked at it and shook his head. He said he’d call my Dr. and tell him how to correctly write the script which he did. My doctor was humble enough to listen and re-wrote the script.  Some docs are too proud to learn. That’s when it’s time to move on.

              Hammock Answered on April 9, 2019.
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