Opinions on going silver/gray…

    This is truly a “chit chat” subject, but I would like some opinions….

    What are your thoughts, opinions &/or feelings, on letting your (or your wife’s) hair go gray?

    Does looking older or more aged bother you?  Is there a certain age span it’s appropriate or not appropriate?

    When you see a youngish (40s) woman with gray hair, what is your first thoughts?

    If you have experience from dyeing, to going to your natural gray, what are some benefits &/or downfalls you faced?


    If you share your experiences, can you include the age on which you are speaking of.  There’s a difference between someone nearing 70 deciding to be gray versus 40, IMO.

    Under the stars Asked on February 1, 2020 in Chit Chat, Jokes, and More .
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      My wife and I are both in our early 40s and I am going white in the beard and she is getting white strands in her hair.  We plan to let it happen naturally and not color it.

      On the floor Answered on February 3, 2020.
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        I’m 46 and my grey started at my temples and my chin a year or two back.  The grey in my beard prompted me to grow my beard from day-old stubble so I can develop the distinguished gentleman look lol.  I’d choose going grey over going bald and happily so far that’s the way it is going ha!

        I don’t see it as me letting my wife go grey.  She colours it so I don’t really know how grey she is – as long as she keeps colouring blonde and doesn’t go red, I’m fine with that!  I do know that some years back she found a grey hair downstairs and immediately started keeping her hair down there much shorter and in more of a brazilian type style, so I was a lot happier she found that grey hair than she was!!!

        Queen bed Answered on February 3, 2020.
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          Neither of us intend to do any coloring, etc to ourselves as we age. But we are a simple folk with no makeup, product, etc. That’s just how we are.

          Now, what really gets me about this thread… I have a “picture” in my mind for just about all the regulars here. Kind of like those that one puts together when reading a novel. And this thread has ruined those pictures for me! What? Those women are blond? Those men have facial hair? WHAT?

          Oh, and just because I’m having fun and somewhat ranting… If one would have spent $5/month on hair coloring/makeup/product/etc, but chose not to and invested it in a Roth IRA instead…well, you could retire a year or more early. Ran the numbers from Jan 2000 to today using historical growth of the S&P 500, then did the next 20 yr assuming the same rate of growth as the average since 1934 to today (1934 was the creation of the Exchange Act). $5/month would grow to over $24,000 and be earning (average) of $222/month in 2040. Yeah, I’ll retire early and continue to forego product. 😉


          Under the stars Answered on February 4, 2020.

          Isn’t it funny how we can get an image in our head and be so wrong 😀

          I’m pretty simple and low maintenance myself… but we don’t need to be scaring the lost folk away from church, now do I? Coming in and greeting people, looking like the living dead.  😉   I look at it as I am investing in the Kingdom!   LOL!  😀

          on February 4, 2020.

          @SC – you have the same image thing then? Been caught off guard by anyone’s description of themselves?

          The “living dead”, ha. I think the majority of mature, Christian adults probably underestimate their appearance as seen through the eyes of others. The money thing was mostly a fun little side trek for me that I thought I could use to heckle people…but “investing in the Kingdom” totally owned me, so I’ll just stop. 😀

          Back to the topic at hand, it reminds me of a time in our mid 20’s when a friend came over early on a Saturday for a run. It was really cold (-2 F), but us going out guilted her (Zelda) into running too. When she was done, we saw that her breath had condensed on her hair to make it a stunningly beautiful shiny white/grey. I really should have snapped a picture. I remember thinking “wow, this is what my bride is going to look like when she’s older…awesome!”


          (edited for clarity)

          on February 4, 2020.

          @SC – you have the same image thing then?

          I must, but maybe not in super detail.  I think I got you all looking much sexier than you all probably are…talking about sex all the time!  😉  LOL!   

          Actually what I think I do, is I take some information I know, and then attach their “look” to someone I know IRL who has a similar feature or is a similar age.  Such as, I know a height, I look at others in my life at the same height and put a known feature on them.

          SOA throws us off with her dark haired avatar.

          I shared somewhere else in another comment that I “hear” Oldbear with a British accent, and I am pretty sure he is American, but that doesn’t stop me from hearing him as British.

          I think I get thrown off more by ages.  I still think of several women regulars younger than they are….even after I know their age!  I have been told, multiple times from TMBers, people have me pegged as older….. now you all can imagine my hair to match my perceived age…. I mean my wisdom 😉 🙄


          eta: for clarification

          on February 4, 2020.
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