Penis rings

    Has anyone used those (for moderate ED) with success?  His erection is barely hard enough for penetration, he can but it’s not the best. Viagra pretty much does nothing. (He is on testosterone).

    Wondering if it does work to help increase hardness even a little bit but also i am wanting to increase his pleasure  any way i can.

    Since we are both “middle age” (ugh) last time we had sex he asked if it felt good to me (the position we were using for PIV) i told him i am just concentrating on not sliding off the bed and squeezing my kegels to make it more pleasurable for him so it becomes a workout for me which is fine. I also told him it doesn’t feel exquisite in there (inside the vagina) like it used to, probably because of age but it’s something i just realized not too long ago. Nothing i can do about it. He also agreed that sex doesn’t feel as wonderful as it used to for him, either but we both agreed we still love it and love it with each other.

    SO, i am hoping a penis ring even somewhat helps him in both areas, or if there are other things TMB can suggest to help intensity of orgasm and pleasure for HIM?

    Fell out of ... Asked on January 8, 2020 in Activities & Items .

    So we have tried 3 different types, not for ED, but for fun and curiosity: the triple ring, vibrating ring and adjustable style.  Here is our thoughts (DW here).

    The triple ring – weather he or I trying to put it on …. it was rather difficult and sort or ruined the mood.

    The vibrating ring (Je Joue Mio) was fun … made him a bit more engorged, but not much more.  It was fun and good for me to grind onto it for my pleasure.  It was rather pricey.  

    The cheapest, surgical tubing with adjustable clamp (like 10-12$ @ Amazon) had the biggest effect on his erection.  After a few adjustments, he definitely swelled much bigger than his usual.  It’s easy to use. Downside – if not well man groomed, tightening and removing when done can be dicey (from a hair point of view).  Upside – it was fun to see ( with a few tightenings) how he became bigger and firmer – all be it – I really tightened it substantially (fun for me to do and watch the difference – there is a technique to do that) – but for us … it was best for the $ spent, easiest and fun to adjust as we both watched him.  Good luck

    on January 14, 2020.
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      My husband has used them with somewhat success.

      Under the stars Answered on January 8, 2020.
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        Yes and they work well, but you have to get one that is the right size and right amount of “stretchy”.  It needs to be able to stretch some, but not too much.

        California King Answered on January 8, 2020.
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          What Ron said.

          I’ve used them.  Don’t buy the cheap, stretchy ones.  There is one that I bought that has three rings:  One for around the penis, one for around the scrotum, and one that goes around both.  You can just use one or all three (using all three is not only supposed to help with strength of erection but duration as well).

          Queen bed Answered on January 8, 2020.

          Does it help with pleasure (his)?

          on January 8, 2020.

          Me being the husband, it in itself does not increase or decrease sensation.  But, it does sometimes help me last longer, which means the good feelings last longer.  Plus, my big focus is always on my wife’s pleasure.  If lasting longer brings her more pleasure, it increases mine.

          on January 8, 2020.
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            It depends why he’s having erection difficulties, but I’ve used them and found that they work.

            An erection is caused by the muscles in the penis contracting around the veins whilst the arteries dilate. This allows blood to flow in but not out, the penis fills with blood and becomes erect.

            A ring will compress the base of the penis, effectively taking on the role of the muscles in producing an erection. This makes it easier to get hard, which can also make sex more enjoyable, not least because it reduces anxiety about maintaining an erection. Some rings are also textured or have a small vibrator attached with the explicit intention of improving sex for one or both partners.

            Given how cheap they are, it’s worth trying a ring, but it’s definitely worth keeping his doctor in the loop, as this may indicate he needs a higher dose of testosterone, or there may be other underlying health conditions that are affecting his ability to maintain erection.

            California King Answered on January 8, 2020.
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              We have used rings with some success.  I also take L Arginine to increase blood flow and this has helped some as well.  Neither has been the perfect answer, but beats giving up on love making.  I to use testosterone gel.  Getting older is not always easy, but we enjoy the effort together.

              Double bed Answered on January 8, 2020.
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                I have a C-ring but it’s mostly used to last longer for thrusting. It doesn’t really make an erection stronger.

                Double bed Answered on January 9, 2020.

                OK well this is the answer, then. He doesn’t need to last longer

                on January 9, 2020.
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                  Bought a set of 3 metal rings, only used them a couple times. Kind of weird to get used to and put them on BUT it does make things harder.

                  On the floor Answered on January 11, 2020.
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                    Ok, here is an issue where I am definitely getting the feeling we are doing something wrong. We have tried several different types (the bolo style, the stretchy o-rings, this kind: except we have a set of 3 and can’t figure out which one is supposed to go where because none seem to fit where they should, and a leather one with snaps). All but the ones linked have caused him considerable pain and the linked ones mainly just fall off or won’t go on at all.

                    We did finally figure out about the manscaping; that made some difference, but not enough. We are baffled and all those toys have either been discarded or stored away with the “might try again someday, but certainly not essential” toys.

                    Under the stars Answered on January 15, 2020.
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