PIV without any thrusting

    Have you had Penis in Vagina mainly for connection , with no thrusting or orgasm. We have done this when we know kids are awake in outside room or if we visiting someone.

    We have engaged in oral sex, there is very little noise during oral sex.

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      Yes, we have had PIV without much thrusting. For various reasons, including being quiet. But, we usually do not refrain from an O for me – as I can O more quietly than DW can.

      As far as suck jobs and hand jobs go, we have a “silent mode” 😉 for those, so we are freer to do those.

      Under the stars Answered on February 14, 2020.
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        Yes! Stealth sex can be necessary sometimes, but still be fun! Did it often on camping trips, while the kids or other friends or family was around or in different tents.

        No forgoing O’s for either of us  though. It’s easy enough for  me to reach and get her there with my fingers. And even easier for her to flex the right muscles while I’m in there to get me off!

        Hammock Answered on February 14, 2020.

        A wife’ kegeling can be soo powerful and fun – as in these situations

        on February 17, 2020.
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          Yes, definitely. When we first starting having PIV, sometimes we would just lie still for minutes without any movement and enjoy the feeling of intimacy, closeness and togetherness. For DW it was a lingering, extended “I am filled up by you” and for me it was the “I am inside you” sensation, with just concentrating on the feeling of unity without purposefully moving towards an orgasm. It’s lovely.

          California King Answered on February 14, 2020.

          Yes we felt exactly the same. “I am filled up by you” and for me it was the “I am deep inside you” . Indeed was a lovely feeling, still with penis deep inside vagina

          on February 14, 2020.
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            No, we haven’t.  We are very good at being stealth.  We’ve pulled off PIV with an O for him, with 4 sleeping kids in the same hotel room.  But like @Tantalum, we will pause and take time to enjoy the feeling and intimacy.

            Under the stars Answered on February 14, 2020.
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              We also have taken time to enjoy the moment. But we don’t refrain from O’ing. We can be very quiet when we need to be. We had several years of babies sleeping right beside our bed, next to my head, so we have much experience with silence, and also sex in the dark.

              Under the stars Answered on February 14, 2020.
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                DW and I did this off and on when we first married and just rediscovered it recently.

                DW had a very stressful (and somewhat frightening) week at work last week. Last Sunday before we got up for church, I asked her if we could try this once again. I wanted her to feel safe and hold her as close a possible.

                DW’s exact words are that it’s intimate, comforting, andreassuring. Definitely everything she needed after a bad work week.

                I enjoy the closeness it brings us. It’s a great way to reconnect and enjoy the feeling of oneness by being still and experiencing each other closely.

                Queen bed Answered on February 14, 2020.
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                  We have not tried PIV without thrusting. If we wanted to have sex when traveling with kids, or when visiting relatives we would normally try to confine our activities to the shower, though once in a while we would have hotel sex with kids in the room when they were very young.

                  On the floor Answered on February 15, 2020.
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                    Yes, we do it sometimes and did it more a few years ago. than now  It is like Intrepides96 described. We do it not for the orgasm part, it is called having “gentle” sex. Not a lot of foreplay or getting really sexually hot. We nearly always spoon when we do it and I just hold my wife or gentle rub her side or arm. It is something you can do for a few minutes or half an hour or so. Use lube and be gentle. There are books written about Karrezza or gentle sex. I enjoy it more than my wife actually. You just have to learn to not get so turned on that you want to thrust hard and orgasm. It can be very nice!

                    Fell out of ... Answered on February 15, 2020.
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                      As you age, sometime sex happens without the O so you just enjoy the connection. Many times DW will also offer again that night or next day to “make up” for the missed O.

                      Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on February 16, 2020.
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                        If I’m on top I will sometimes stop thrusting to enjoy the connection and hold off ejaculation. It feels good to just sit for a bit and enjoy being inside her. Ultimately though the allure of thrusting is just too much for me in that position and I will resume.

                        If we’re in WOT its more of a grinding action than thrusting but most of the time I stay fully inserted and focus on above the belt activities. WOT is so arousing to me that I don’t really need much stimulation and I’ll often O without any motion.

                        Fell out of ... Answered on February 17, 2020.
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