Possible position for wife who gets urinary tract infections?


    My wife and I had a candid discussion the other day about our sex life (specifically our lack of one). We talked a bit about my low T issues, about continued hand jobs (I had to get more condoms and was wondering if I should buy more for handjobs), and then touched on the topic of PIV. She said there are two big issues: 1. Her dryness and other problems that have come about since menopause; 2. Her problem of getting a UTI every time we have had sex the past several years and now almost anytime. Example is this past weekend we went camping Sunday night into Monday morning she started having UTI symptoms and was able to get it under control with copious amounts of cranberry juice all day Monday. There are other time she will get a UTI at anytime without doing anything. But we do know that sex will always give her a UTI.

    The question I have is for those out there who have problems with UTIs at a drop of a hat anytime for any reason. What position helped reduce the onset of a UTI? I want to present a few options to my wife for us to discuss. I will discuss the dryness issue elsewhere.

    Your wife and mine are exactly the same as far as UIT’s. Any sex is a risk for UTI for her.

    on August 28, 2019.
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      Lack of Estrogen after menopause is one of the highest reasons for UTI. I got my first (and severe) one when i went off my Estrogen. TALK ABOUT MISERABLE. Also vaginal dryness is AWFUL. You men have it easy when it comes to your bodies, i can’t believe the stuff we have to deal with, ugh.

      There’s no reason she should have to suffer through atrophy and UTI’s if she can use HRT.  Also D-Mannose for UTI’s is usually more effective than cranberry juice.

      On the floor Answered on August 27, 2019.
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        once the infection is gone, have her take preventative vitamin c, cranberry tablets, and d-mannose. This is good in keeping everything clean and preventing future infections!

        Double bed Answered on September 1, 2019.
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          First of all, congratulations on having a candid discussion! That’s awesome, and half the battle!

          Second, your wife has my profound sympathy regarding the ease of UTIs. I don’t experience that particular problem, but after dealing with a kidney stone (which I finally passed last night!) I know how painful it is to have anything awry with the urethra! My one tip for the dreaded cranberry juice is to mix it with seltzer; makes it a bit more interesting. And you both have my sympathy for the interference with your sexual relationship.

          Finally, I would honestly have her see a doctor about the UTIs, and if she already has, have her see another one. That’s not normal and there has to be something they can do to help her with it.

          Under the stars Answered on August 27, 2019.
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            We have issues with dryness, as well as UTIs.  My DW had a total Hysterectomy and has  to use estrogen cream down there.

            The biggest thing is to Be sure that you both wash  down there and also wash your hands and any other area involved  just before any activity so that you are both clean and do not introduce any bacteria or anything that might cause infection. We use lots of coconut oil as a lubricant to make sure everything is nice and slippery .

            Also experiment and figure out a position that works most comfortably for you so as to not be irritating to her.  Spooning works best for us .


            Double bed Answered on September 1, 2019.
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