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    Hello.   I was a regular reader on the old version of the board (different username) and have just now gotten around to revisiting the new board.   I hope a lot of the more prolific posters from the old board are back here – really enjoyed their posts.

    Short background:   Mid-50s male, married 27 yrs to a zero drive wife and we have a 6 yr old daughter.    Read a library of books, had some counseling, endless prayers…..  all to no effect.    Now MY testosterone has nosedived to the point that I don’t much care that I’ve had celibacy forced upon me.   Well I do, just not nearly as much as I used to.    Unfortunately with low T comes a lack of really giving much of a darn about pretty much every thing.   I don’t like that part but at least the sexless “marriage” is more tolerable.

    So I’m not really sure where that puts me vis-a-vis this board, but I thought I’d weigh back in since the board is back online.

    Twin bed Asked on October 7, 2019 in Introduce Yourself.
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      Glad you rejoined back up and I hope that you become a part and not just be a reader!

      Under the stars Answered on October 7, 2019.
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        Sorry to hear of your challenging situation. I pray that you will find help and encouragement here as well as provide the same to the rest of us!

        Under the stars Answered on October 7, 2019.
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          Welcome back…What was your old username on the forum?

          Just because you are currently in this season (sexless) doesn’t mean you need to settle or stay there.  God may have bigger plans.

          On the floor Answered on October 7, 2019.
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