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    For quite some time I’ve had the desire to pursue anal play for me. My wife has never had any interest in anything coming near her anus, it’s a ‘no-go’ zone for her and I respect that. 

    Knowing her personal aversion to anal play, I’m uncertain as to how to approach her with the request to touch me that way. 

    Has anyone else been in this situation?  How did you handle it?  

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      I explained to her the medical benefits of prostate massage and the obvious physical benefits from the pleasure that it provides. She would use her finger with the come here motion while I layed on side of the bed and she stood between my legs. She wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was hoping but did enjoy the show towards the end. We have tried a few toys and I will get her to insert them prior to engaging in PIV. We only do it a few times a year when I bring it up. Wish we could do it more often and even do little inserting for her but hasn’t got to it yet.

      King bed Answered on April 23, 2019.
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        All the talk about prostate massage and how it will bring on the greatest orgasm you’ll ever experience and how great it is for your prostate health.  After trying it  with my DW by finger insertion and purchasing and trying the Aneros, I’m one happy with the fact that I don’t like anal play.  So, to each his own.  We move on thrilled with our sex life as it is. The truth we learned is; just cause one guy says it’s the absolute greatest,  the next guy may not be turned on at all by it (may even be turned off).  And, the fact that he is turned off doesn’t mean he is a sexual introvert.  Our sex life is hot, intense and we are thrilled with the gift.

        Queen bed Answered on April 28, 2019.
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          I hate putting my finger in. And if I use a toy on my hubby he cleans it. But I have no problem massaging the area right behind his scrotum, and he loves that.

          Queen bed Answered on April 20, 2019.
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            DH and I created our “bucket list”, as you called it in your answer to my question, one evening when we were feeling particularly close and loving (we were not anticipating sex at that time, although it did end up happening!) and lying in bed in each others’ arms.  We just started talking about our life in general and our sex life in particular.  Eventually we got around to talking about what we wanted our sex life to be like (mostly–more!), which led to sharing our fantasies.  The process of discussing fantasies led us to discover we had some we had not yet considered consciously. We were very honest with each other without any judgement and discovered some ideas we shared and could try right away.  We also found that with all that loving, open honesty, ideas that might have previously seemed unpleasant to one or the other of us began to have a little more appeal.  Try brainstorming while cuddling.  It is possible she could be surprised to find herself more open to anal play than she thought, but even if she doesn’t, you will certainly become closer for having shared your feelings with each other, you will have broached the subject that is on your mind, and you might just find something new and fun you both want to try. Plus, you are likely to both become very aroused just from all that talk about sex. (We did.)

            Under the stars Answered on April 22, 2019.
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              We purchased an Aneros prostate stimulator. It is a device he or I can insert into his anus. He leaves it in during intercourse, oral and manual. He does not use it every time, but whenever he wants. He finds it very pleasurable.

              Twin bed Answered on April 28, 2019.
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