PSA Reminder: Reporting & Rights

This was first posted here, I wanted to do this for the newer members who may have not figured out how to follow the “latest answers” (FYI, bookmarking the link, is very helpful when using TMB on a phone.)



People, fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, if you are concerned about something, if something feels off, if you get red flags…. REPORT things to Dale, the Board Czar.

He may be limited on what he can do, but he needs to be made aware of things. He is one man, who can’t have eyes everywhere on everything.  Silence is not always the most honorable thing to do….a Shepherd doesn’t let sheep be lured away and devoured by wolves.

Also be aware of your own “rights” and actions you can take….

  • No one has to answer any question they are uncomfortable with or deem inappropriate.
  • You do not have to reply back to a PM.
  • Voting has its purposes, it allows the better, and in this setting God-honoring appropriate answers to be upvoted, while those that are bad, can be downvoted. Sometimes giving up a couple of points is worth it.





Beginning at “King Bed” (750+ points) you are able to “Downvote” questions and answers.

With an increase of trolls (several rooted from the same person), this is a prime opportunity to use your Downvoting power.

Why take this active step, even though it will cost you 2 points yourself, rather than just ignore them?

  1. It keeps them from being able to make comments.   Once they can comment, they can say anything and no user can upvote or downvote their comment.
  2. It keeps them from being able to PM (private message).  In PM’s they can harass others, and they tend to go after those they see as “weak” to draw them into conversation for their own titillation purposes AND to draw the other into sin.
  3. It keeps them from being able to “upvote”, which they use to “upvote” their other alter-egos, to give themselves more access.
  4. It may give others a heads-up that there may be something “off” with this user.
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    The PM point cannot be emphasized enough. We should remember that we’re all sinners and quite a few people come here broken and desperate. For some, that can mean they are vulnerable to being led into sexual sin, which can happen slowly over time via PM.

    Earlier this month I sat in frustration and watched a new user “answer” themselves into a twin bed (PM permissions I believe) in just 55 minutes. 10 answers, pretty much all one liners, no votes required. In the ~3 weeks since then, they’ve only added another 10 answers (and several of those were on that first day). Actions like that should catch people’s eyes and have them on the lookout for suspicious behavior.


    Under the stars Answered on January 29, 2020.
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      Thank you, that makes some things clear that I had not thought about.

      Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on January 29, 2020.
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        @Time4Change, there can be some wonderful benefit to the PM system, it’s too bad that it was abused with you.  Thank you for sharing!  This is so important for the general public to know.

        If you haven’t, you need to send a PM to Dale, the Board Czar, and inform him of who the PMs were from and the inappropriateness of them.  Only when people are willing to speak up, can Dale really know what is going on and then can take appropriate action.  Even if someone knows they can ignore it and stand strong against it, not every brother and sister here has the same fortitude or strength.  I believe we need to speak up and take a stand for our weaker brothers and sisters, so that they aren’t put into the place to stumble or fall.

        I will share, another newer member, who joined very close to you, publicly shared that they got a PM from SecondMarge that seemed to have less than pure intentions.  I am sure he wasn’t the only one.  There has been some “clean up” on the boards since then.

        Again, thank you for speaking up!

        Under the stars Answered on February 1, 2020.

        TY, SeekingChange.  Forgive me if I can find out by searching, but how does one go about PMing Dale directly?

        on February 1, 2020.

        You go to your PMs…. on a computer there is a “PMs” link in the top bar.  On a tablet, it’s at the top, towards the right side, in the 3rd (blue) icon, click on that and you see PMs in the menu.  On a phone, you can go to

        You may have to select, “Message Menu.”  Select the “New Message” tab.  Under “To:  Name of recipient”, type “Dale” select him from the list.  And type in a subject line and your message.

        on February 1, 2020.
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          Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes.  I joined here just about a week ago, and silly me, I didn’t make any settings for PMs.  I received three PMs from someone that were totally inappropriate!  I have a thick skin, I can shake it off.  I have since set my PMs to not allow others to send me.

          Does that also block admins from sending a PM though? Do admins ever send PMs to members?

          Still trying to learn the site and the rules, but wow, was I surprised to have those 3  PMs in my box.



          Twin bed Answered on February 1, 2020.

          Wow that is disturbing..

          on February 1, 2020.
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