Question about DH’s manscaping at gym

    So recently DH and I were at our gym.  We each went to shower.  DH was in mens locker room where showers are old school and for guys (it is a big shower room with 15 shower heads in 1 room (not stalls).

    When he entered, he was only one showering. He did his usual man scaping.  As he was shaving from belly button to base of his shaft (his abs  – as he had already shaved the more delicate and important parts) 2 other men walked in and showered too.  DH finished his business and left. The next week my DH  was called into mngt  b/c other men  felt uncomfortable (not sure why they were watching my DH shave his lower abs) and complained  … so here is my questions:

    To the DH’s that are smooth and well shaven:

    1. Would you feel comfortable shaving down there in a shower room with other men there showering at same time?

    2. If other dudes were manscaping next to you in the shower room – would it bother you or not?

    To the DW’s,  if you shave down there and were in a shower room ( I know usually we have stalls):

    1. Would you feel comfortable shaving down there in a room of other wives showering?

    2. If other DW’s were shaving down there in a shower room – would it bother you?

    And any other ideas on this topic are appreciated.  We know not all are smooth and well shaven down there, that’s fine  and  is a personal choice- but those couples who are smooth/shaven …. your thoughts??

    Ok I do my own trimming but certainly not in anyone’s presence.
    Yes it is impolite to watch someone in any situation-in a shower of all places.
    Change gyms.
    Shave at home.
    Guys at my gym stand bare nude in mirror to shave face and those are the fat ones.
    I have very little hair around my parts and when I need to dress or shower I stand with my back to others and obscure my parts with my towel. If someone is right next to me i turn slightly to obscure my parts. Only my wife gets full view. I shave stuff on a schedule at home.

    5 days ago.
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      I wouldn’t shave anything in a public shower, let alone the most intimate parts. And yes, it would make me uncomfortable to have others do it with me around.

      As a mother of sons, and not liking having to go through our separate “rooms” at our rec center anyway, I would be bothered if they came out of the locker room with a story like that.

      My opinion, personal grooming ought to be done in privacy.

      Under the stars Answered on November 12, 2019.
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        So some poor cleaner has to unclog your husband’s pubes from the shower drain? Really?

        Do people even take a razor to a gym?

        Gym showers are for a quick sweat wash off so you can go do whatever else is planned for your day/evening.

        Queen bed Answered on November 13, 2019.
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          I agree with others that I wouldn’t shave anything in a public shower if I didn’t have too but especially private areas.  I would find it odd  if I happened to notice another woman doing it but not enough that I would complain to anyone about it.  It would also make me uncomfortable to have my boys in the locker room with a grown man doing that.  I’m thankful that our gym has family locker rooms with individual rooms for showering.

          I view a gym shower as a way to quickly rinse/wash off sweat and or chlorine and shaving  as something that should wait for the privacy of your own shower.  With maybe the exception of a guy shaving his face if he was on his way to work after the gym.  My dh used to shave his face at the gym because he was on his way to work, but he did that when he was dressed or in a towel and over the sink.

          On the floor Answered on November 13, 2019.
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            And for those who would do it in a public place, I would wonder why!”

            I was asking my husband about this last night, because I thought he might have a different opinion about it than I, because he is much more freer in his nakedness and such, and frequesnts the gym much more than I.

            He basically shared the same opinion as I, but I noticed he was much more quick to “wonder” and actually assign (negative) motive to it than I. What I wanted to do was dig to understand why…. Is this a cultural thing? Is it related to age? Was this modeled to him so it is normal to him? What were the circumstances around it? Etc. I am not expecting any answers to those questions, but that’s how I processed it. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt, while my husband was quick to assume worser things (wrong/sinful motives)…. maybe those men who reported did the same thing?

            I do have to say, the idea of any unknown persons body hair being where I will be showering or sleeping (like in a hotel room) gives me the heebie-jeebies.

            Under the stars Answered on November 13, 2019.

            The college dorm shower I had to use my freshmen year would have terrified you!

            on November 13, 2019.

            I asked my husband about it this morning too because I was curious how he would respond. He had the same opinion as I did and similar to your husband he was quicker to jump to assign negative motives than I was.  But for us that’s usually the case, I am the type that wants to see the best in people and he is more discerning than I am.

            on November 14, 2019.

            For us, my husband is the quick one to trust and see the best, and I am more apt to question and be skeptical.  Which as you can tell, I was being very questionable, but I was looking for the best because there is a small “known” factor here… Mr.Liverr, I am assuming is a brother in Christ, not without fault, but a brother, because he is here and we have seen a glimpse of him and their marriage from their postings.

            A stranger that I do not know at all, and hearing the same kind of report (especially if my kids were exposed or might be potentially in danger) I wouldn’t be so quick to give the benefit of the doubt.  Honestly, if I was placed in that position I can think of two options I would take, 1) I would never let my kids (even as young teenagers), go through the men’s locker room, at all. Or, if that wasn’t an option, and I had to face that chance on a more regular basis, 2) I probably would go say something to management, for the potential safety of children.

            on November 14, 2019.
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              I wouldn’t shave anything down there in a public shower. The potential for cuts and blood borne pathogens, while low, is enough to scare me off. Plus, the thought of someone else’s bits of hair in a shower that I’m using makes me uncomfortable. Even shaving my legs would be too much. Public showers like that are really just for a quick scrub down, in my opinion. Removing chlorine from hair, etc. Anything not truly necessary for cleanliness should be done at home.

              Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on November 13, 2019.
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                I echo pretty much what everyone else is saying…I preserve manscaping for my own shower where i know the floor is clean and i can take my time without “onlookers”

                On the floor Answered on November 13, 2019.
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                  I would not do this type of personal grooming in a public shower, even if it was a shower with individual stalls.

                  If another dude was doing so in the shower it would probably catch my attention but I would not be affected by his activity, if he chooses to do this there more power to him.  I have used these ” gang” showers in the past, normally just concentrate on what I’m doing, finish my business and get outta there.

                  Regarding hair in the drain, I understand that anything that rinses off us will be in the shower floor and drain, which is why I always wear flip flops and minimize my time in the shower.  As has been mentioned, these public showers are for knocking off the top few layers only, I always take the full cleansing shower at home before beddy bye time.

                  Queen bed Answered on November 13, 2019.
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                    If I saw someone manscaping in that context I’d think it was a bit strange but it wouldn’t bother me.  Especially to the extent I’d go to management about it.

                    Would I do it, no.  As others have said, I view showers in gyms as something quick to get the sweat off.  I guess I could see facial shaving if I were going to the gym before work and heading to the office afterward and didn’t want to shower twice in the morning.  But I’d probably use an electric razor then and save the actual blade work for at home.

                    Hammock Answered on November 13, 2019.
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                      I don’t save at the gym and save it for home.  I wouldn’t give it much thought if I encountered someone grooming their privates in the shower, but I can see how it would bother many.

                      Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on November 13, 2019.
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                        I wouldn’t shave anything in a public shower and I would be disturbed seeing anyone else do it. I think there’s a sanitary issue along with someone taking an unnecessarily long time while others are trying to go about their business.

                        Fell out of ... Answered on November 13, 2019.
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