Sexual Ravishing

    Ladies, do you desire to be taken by your husband and sexually ravished?  Ideally, what would that entail?  If it has happened before, what happened and was it a good experience?

    Gentleman, do you think about sexually ravishing your wife or have you done it?  How did/would you ravish her?

    For clarity, please identify your gender. 

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      Male. I don’t think about ravishing my DW that much. It isn’t something that she desires or appreciates. Now I understand that some DWs like to be ravished. And in those cases it likely can be a good thing to engage in. And if that was the case in my MB, I would consider doing it – but always with a high level of care and respect.

      So, personally, instead of thinking of ravishing I think of lavishing more.

      Under the stars Answered on June 28, 2019.
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        Well said OWM… my sentiments exactly.

        If my DW expressed or even hinted a desire for me to, I would give it a try but “ravishing” implies an overpowering physically and emotionally that seems counter to the intimacy we both desire.   An exception would be us playing roles that  we discussed and agreed to in advance… similar to domination/submission… but that is so foreign to my DW’s personality I don’t expect for it to ever happen.

        Hammock Answered on June 28, 2019.
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          There is a time and season for everything. I have definitely desired this, but the time is not now. I have found the biggest thing it entails is trust, and that is what is missing at this time….beyond that, I won’t let my mind go there.


          Under the stars Answered on June 28, 2019.
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            Female:  I do on occasion!  We have a “code” for when I’m in that mood and my DH is almost always willing to accommodate me.

            Fell out of ... Answered on June 28, 2019.
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              Male. Yes, I have thought about ravishing my wife.  Unfortunately, it will likely never happen (at least type 1 below) due to my wife’s struggles with OCD and other considerations. You never know though.

              If I were to do so here is how I would proceed.  To me there are two basic types of ravishment. One that is for me (Type 1) and one that is for her (Type 2).

              Type 1: When DW really gets me aroused I just want to immediately :blank: her. Consequences (pregnancy because of no BC) be darned. What this looks like is:

              a. Pushing her against the wall or onto the bed with quick removal of clothes

              b. Deep passionate kisses, intense fondling of breasts, and manual stimulation of clitoris  until ready for intercourse

              c. Flip her around and penetrate her from behind

              d. Ride her hard for as long as I can until climax.

              e.  If she has not been satisfied by the time I climax, finish her afterwards.

              Type 2: This is all about her pleasure. We have done this to an extent in the past, especially once when I gave her three orgasms in a day. Every iota of my mental and physical energy is devoted solely to bringing her to climax as many times as she wants. The “ravishment” really happens at the first orgasm though as the following ones are usually slower and sensual.

              This involves mental arousal first which gets her in the right mindset to be ravished. Then pushing her against a surface as above and greedily stimulating her breasts and clitoris while continuing to use words that greatly arouse her. If I don’t slow down and she is aroused enough she can reach a large O in around 6 minutes. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

              California King Answered on June 28, 2019.
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                Yes, please!! It has happened to some extent in the past, though not terribly often. I think maybe the hesitation some people have for this concept is that they confuse ravishment and rape, but even in the midst of ravishment, my DH would know, would be absolutely sure that he knows, whether I am enjoying the process or not. If I gave him any indication at all that I wanted him to stop or didn’t care for the mood of this LM, he would stop or change his tone instantly. That IS trust and intimacy. So yes, I would totally enjoy DH doing EXACTLY what SLS described above, both #1 and #2.

                Under the stars Answered on June 28, 2019.
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                  My DW enjoys it when I do this to her.  And, I do this only because I know (from conversations we have) that she enjoys it.  I love to ravish her and have my way with her.  I overpower her, throw her on the bed, remove her clothes, and have my way with her.  This is something I do regularly, but not often (if that makes sense).  Once, a few weeks ago, my DW mentioned (while we were having our morning coffee) that she wished I would do it more!  She told me it made her feel extremely feminine knowing that I had that kind of “animalistic desire” for her.

                  Queen bed Answered on June 29, 2019.

                  Yes, that is just what I feel! Your wife expressed it well.

                  on June 29, 2019.

                  So Redman, maybe your wife needs to be more forthcoming in her needs.  I text my DH “I’m yours tonight!” that’s our “code” that I’m in the mood to be ravished.  When I really want him to take me, I let him know with a simple text.  Rarely does he not satisfy me the way I need.  Usually right as he comes in the door!  And some simple restraints can made the session all the better!

                  on June 29, 2019.
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                    I think with some women, this behavior could be psychologically damaging.
                    Many women have experienced some form of sexual maltreatment, whether sexual violence within a previous consensual relationship, or surviving an assault, and many other situations ranging between those.
                    My wife would fit this bill and I shudder to think what it would do to her if I ever “ravished” her.
                    I recommend you really know your wife and if she wants this sort of attention. Of course, as some mentioned above, there are women who have no problem with it and even appreciate it.

                    Still learning,
                    Eye Above the Storm

                    Queen bed Answered on July 5, 2019.
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                      The idea of being ravished appeals to me.  For me, it’s not be about coercion.  The kind of ravishing I enjoy is when the guy physically shows his desire.   For example, maybe starting with just grabbing me for some kissing, pressing me up against the wall while we make out, some grinding action, then leading into the bedroom.  It’s not about flowers, or doing the laundry, etc.  It’s when he directs his passion toward me physically instead of trying to be sweet or polite, or asking verbally for sex.  In all the cases where I have experienced this, I knew I could trust the man to stop if I asked him to.  But when he comes on to me like that, who wants it to stop?

                      There are two very different ways the term “responsive desire” has been used in various places.  Sometimes I see it used to mean “responsive to touch” indicating that a woman gets aroused after  the onset of physical sexual stimulation.  There are many authors who describe a different type of “responsive desire” where it means “responsive to desire”  indicating that a man’s unbridled desire often ignites the woman’s desire.

                      Plopping down in bed and asking for sex, or trying to trade a backrub for a hand job just doesn’t do it for me.

                      On the floor Answered on July 6, 2019.

                      Thank you and the other ladies who responded to this thread for your perspective.  Your desire and openness to being “ravished” is refreshing and is definitely food for thought… and is categorically opposite of the contemporary message of the #metoo movement (although I know your desire is limited to only consensual participation by your husbands, men you love and trust.) 

                      I think I was erroneously associating “ravishing” with “rape.”

                      on July 6, 2019.
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