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    In an article I thought would be helpful with our DD (it was), there were two bits that reminded me of things we discuss on here a lot:

    -the way we women feel about how we look, and

    -why we have so much trouble delineating the difference between Godly leadership and macho control issues.

    It never once occurred to me that telling my little girl that the boy who teased her just liked her could set her up for believing it was okay for a boy/man who claims to love her to treat her badly, but it makes so much sense.

    For those like me who hate getting sucked into a long article, this one is short! 😉

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      Thanks for sharing Duchess.  I read it and I’m not sure I have had to deal with a lot of this.  But it will make me aware if I face it.   We need to teach our kids balance, we want to give them truths but also teach them how to give grace.

      I have recently had to give my daughter the “it’s okay to… hurt a boy’s feelings or offend him, to physically defend yourself, to walk away, to be rude, etc etc… if you ever feel cornered or uncomfortable”…. and this was to prepare and equip her for a youth group event,  😯  😀  because she would have no brothers around.  She has really grown into having such a tender heart that she needs permission to act “unchristian”.

      Under the stars Answered on January 2, 2020.
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        @SC–Regarding your daughter’s youth event, it is so difficult to walk that fine line, isn’t it!? We want our daughters to be kind and tenderhearted and gentle in spirit, and yet they absolutely need to know how and feel free to protect themselves. I was delighted about our daughter’s desire to take karate for a while for this very reason. She actually used a submission move once in front of a teacher but was not reprimanded because the boy was behaving inappropriately and she had already asked him to stop.

        Under the stars Answered on January 3, 2020.
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