Speaking to DH about being intentional when….

    It comes to our sexual relationship.  It took me almost all week to get the courage up to talk to him about this!  Crazy, I know!  I tried 3 times on a road trip yesterday, while we were traveling.  I’d say something about making sure I was moisturizing my hands, and grooming for him, etc…and he says yeah, I think we could hang your bike in the garage.  I was like ???

    Finally last night, I pulled him away from what he was doing and starting asking DH questions..and I got some good answers.  As far as the bike …lol…he had no idea I was trying to talk to him about our sexual intentions…. he was thinking ok – she has wanted to ride her bike all year – how can I store it in the garage for her!  (I was thinking – maybe he needed hearing aids…..lol).

    So yay!  I’m praying for more growth for both of us from here out!  🙂


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      Do you have a specific question you’re asking? It’s not clear what the question is.


      Under the stars Answered 6 days ago.

      Sorry Scott…I wasn’t being specific.  I just wanted to share that I was able to talk with him, and I’m looking forward to the future with him!  🙂

      5 days ago.
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        If I am reading your question correctly you are commenting about your husband not being able to get “hints” about sex.

        This is typical for husbands and men in general. Our communication style is much more blunt and direct than a woman’s. We don’t pick up on subtle hints like many women can.

        As you stated in your post the best way to communicate to your husband about sex (and basically any other topic) is the be clear and direct.

        On the floor Answered 6 days ago.

        Exactly.  Hints got me no where.  Just saying what I was wondering straight out – even though it felt strange hearing the words coming from my lips – worked best!


        5 days ago.
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          so the conversation involves:

          category 1; frequency. once per day, every other day, 2 or 3 times per week, etc.

          category 2; body; shave this or that in this way. Or not to shave. Be clean upon arrival. Brush teeth, don’t have onion burger before hand. Don’t smoke cigar beforehand, don’t use cologne, perfume or USE perfume or cologne, etc tan or don’t tan.

          category 3; Sex acts; I am appalled by this and this. Can you do this please? I never want to do this so don’t ask, or I would really like this sex act, can we do it and practice it and see how it goes?

          Never ask “why do you want this sex act?” it is demeaning, condescending and disrespectful. If it turns him/her on and it doesn’t violate Biblical standards, it’s ok.

          Hammock Answered 6 days ago.
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