Study by Dr. Saya – What Is the Best Dose of HCG?

    This study is limited to dosages of 150iu and 500iu

    EDIT: This link WORKS


    Personally, I inject 400iu twice weekly

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      I am unable to read the link because you have to log in.

      In our experience, we are questioning if HCG is doing any good. So now the question has been whether he should continue to take it, or save money?

      Under the stars Answered on April 11, 2019.

      Seeking Change,

      Per Dr. Saya’s study, he may not be injecting enough.  You can call Defy and ask if he should increase his dosage.  I have the pdf. file of his study but not sure how or if it can be downloaded here. I posted his conclusion below.

      Or, you may want to register at ExcelMale so you can read it and the other great posts.

      on April 11, 2019.

      I found a link that works. I posted it in the original post.


      on April 11, 2019.
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        Here is Dr. Saya’s conclusion:

        The clinical use of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) as an adjunctive treatment to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in males is an important, and often overlooked and misunderstood, aspect of successful treatment of hypogonadism. However, a consensus on use and dosing/frequency has not been reached among practitioners and the situation is complicated by the degree of bio-hormonal individuality present across the population and the varying effects and goals of hCG treatment in different clinical scenarios (low SHBG levels, high estradiol levels, fertility concerns, etc). The data in this limited case study suggest that a dosage of 150iu hCG appears to attain minimal to moderate stimulation (serum concentration of 1mIU/mL) of the testicular leydig cells for a duration less than 24 hours and would likely be insufficient to attain continuous stimulation of the testicular leydig cells, UNLESS given on a daily basis, perhaps more frequently. Whereas, an injection of hCG 500iu appears to attain moderate stimulation (serum concentration 2mIU/mL- > 3mIU/mL -> 3mIU/mL-> 1mIU/mL) for a period slightly longer than 3 days (72 hours), likely enabling twice weekly , evenly spread , injections to attain continuous stimulation. As noted previously, I believe these patterns also suggest that a dosage regimen of hCG 250iu-350iu on an every other day (QOD) schedule would likely offer an alternative regimen for moderate, relatively steady and consistent testicular stimulation, although more data would be needed to confirm this conclusion.
        Hammock Answered on April 11, 2019.
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