Study on oxytocin levels after intercourse

    I read an article quite a few years ago detailing how men’s oxytocin levels rise significantly after sex, but women’s rise isn’t so high.

    Can’t find it back for the life of me.

    Anyone happen to know about it?  Ideally a link to find it back would be nice.

    Twin bed Asked on December 12, 2019 in The Science of Sex .
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      Not seeing that. Science Alert has an article which says “In women, oxytocin tends to continue to be released after orgasm, which may explain the motivation for post-coital cuddles,” noted Sher.

      I do know women are more sensitive to oxytocin. So perhaps men make more because they need more for the same effect?

      Fell out of ... Answered on December 13, 2019.

      Oh, no, men don’t make more, that’s not what I mean.

      Women generally about something on the order of 7x the oxytocin levels that men do.  After sex, men’s levels jump to nearly catch up with women’s baselien for about a half an hour to 2 hours, and then it levels off again.  Women’s rise as well, just not nearly as significantly.  It’s a small increase compared to a multiplication factor for men.    However, their small increase just pushes them further ahead of us while we’re barely catching up.

      on December 13, 2019.
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