System being weird again; just FYI, not a complaint

    Under my Recent Activity, I noticed that when I first came to the site today, before I did anything, it said I had liked an answer 3 minutes ago. Eventually I looked at the pertinent question, just out of curiosity, and it is one I haven’t visited in several days, at least.

    Also, I’ve noticed that my up-votes don’t seem to register right away lately; the arrow shows yellow beside the answer, but the number doesn’t change, even when I leave the question and come back to it. That’s not a huge deal, except that sometimes it’s just nice to let someone know when they have written something particularly wise and good.

    I do NOT have a yellow up-vote arrow showing on the question that I “voted” before I came to the board today.

    Again:  NOT A COMPLAINT; just letting the group know, so if anyone else is wondering why you see weird things, you know you are not alone.

    (And a little bit to let folks know that I admire and appreciate so much the wisdom I read here, I may have tried to tell you so with an up-vote that didn’t show!)

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