Testosterone in Women: Friend or Enemy ?

    My wife had all of the symptoms Allison talks about. She denied and resisted HRT for a couple of years. When I finally got her to seek help through Defy she was amazed at how much better she felt.

    Allison Woodworth (FNP-C) speaks about the facts and misconceptions of testosterone in women.

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      Thanks for sharing and spreading the word.  Wife is on bHRT and is experiencing the best sex and overall health of her life.

      King bed Answered on November 25, 2020.


      on November 26, 2020.
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        I have a friend and him and his wife both take HRT. They are late 60’s. He said his wife feels so much better, she is almost not the same person. He said his wife will always want to take hormones. She is more energetic and more sexual. He said she doesn’t know how she went all those years without it.

        On the floor Answered on November 26, 2020.

        My wife had a very similar outcome and comment. She didn’t realize how bad she was until she got on HRT.

        on November 26, 2020.
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