The G-spot endeavour

    My DW isn’t very “adventurous” without my prodding for variety. She’s also very vanilla and doesn’t like having conversations about sex.

    She has explosive O’s from OS, and I thought, if I can get her to relax enough and allow me to stimulate her G-spot I can only imagine her reaction. 

    My biggest question is, how do I bring up the question about wanting to do this for her?

    On the floor Asked on September 29, 2019 in The G-spot & Female Ejaculation.
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      You can put a finger in her while doing OS.  Do you ever use fingers before entering her?  When she gets toward the end of an orgasm, gently put some pressure on the G-spot and rub a bit.  If she requires rest between orgasms, do that while she’s resting, and then get back to giving OS for the next orgasm.  As it starts to feel good, she may get into it.

      I bought some plastic furniture cover material from Walmart to use as sex mats.  Put a towel or other strip of cloth on that (old baby blankets used to work when we had them) and you have a good mat for catching female ejaculate.  My wife produces quite a bit, and G-spot orgasms can lead to female ejaculation.


      Hammock Answered on September 29, 2019.
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        I am with MrMarried. As you are giving and she is aroused, just slip those fingers in. Women are much more open to doing new or different things when they are aroused. If she asks what you are doing, tell her you are trying something new.

        Or, before you start, just let her know you are going to try something new. Have that towel handy.

        Just a tip… if you notice her resisting once you start, try to pinpoint why. If it’s because of the urge to pee, that’s when you assure her it is normal, that you have a towel just in case, and even if it did happen, it wouldn’t bother you, and then encourage her to relax and push out through that feeling.

        I believe to orgasm with the g-spot requires a pushing out, whereas many women with typical orgasms often contract their muscles. That may need to be explained and encouraged.

        Under the stars Answered on September 29, 2019.
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          I’ll add that a towel wasn’t enough for us (this is a new dimension of things for us recently). I followed some advice I read elsewhere and ordered a waterproof pet blanket on Amazon. It looks like a normal blanket and is soft and not crinkley, and it is easy to throw in the wash and have dry sheets underneath. The only problem is remembering to dry it and get it back to our room before the next time, which of late has been a pretty short turnaround (PTL!).

          On the floor Answered on October 27, 2019.
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