The stars have aligned…and I saw them!!

    Also, God is in the business of restoration.

    Having, regrettably, made public some discord between me and DH while it was still going on*, I would like to publicly declare that we are once again as harmonious as we have ever been. I am grateful to my DH for being a man who wants to meet my needs and make me happy and who loves me and forgives me when I forget how wonderful he is. God has worked in each of us and restored our good relationship

    *If we had ongoing discord, I wouldn’t have any qualms about sharing here to seek support and guidance. Since we are generally happy, however, and since we are both members, it seems to me like I really should work things out privately first, then share if the story can be beneficial to others. It worked out well this time, but I still feel a little icky about it.

    Now about those stars…

    With our my emotional baggage unpacked, it so happened that the dog learned to sleep in her own (new) bed, we both felt energetic, he felt flirty, and DD went to bed at a decent time and shockingly nothing else rose up to interfere…and I AM NO LONGER A PHV! (Post Hysterectomy Virgin–I just made that term up.) YAY!!! And I am thrilled to report that everything works just fine. Actually, really, REALLY well! OMGee the Os!!! I lost count,  they just kept coming so easily. We even tried a new position. And there was no bleeding or other damage, which was another big fear, since most tears happen the first time.

    ****THANK YOU, THANK YOU Everyone, for your prayers and support through this summer! It has meant so much to me!!****

    I hereby CLOSE the chapter of my life entitled “That summer life came to a screeching halt because of sudden surgery and we couldn’t have sex for three months!”

    And I OPEN the one entitled “Our Sexual Renaissance and New Adventures!”

    Bucket list, here we come!

    Tonight is the homecoming football game at our alma mater (different building, but it will have to do). I hope to convince DH to behave like a horny teenager.

    ANY ADDITIONAL IDEAS FOR TONIGHT? I’m ready to make up for lost time! 😀

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      Yay! Congrats and praise God!

      California King Answered on October 4, 2019.
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        Wonderful!   I have no doubt he is thrilled too AND thankful that you are totally healed with no pain or complications.

        H. S. days…. Is there a drive-in movie theater still in operation near you?

        Hammock Answered on October 4, 2019.

        Actually, yes! We have one of the few a little less than an hour away! Since it is a recently re-opened business, we never actually did that as teens, but we need to, ASAP! Thanks!!!

        on October 5, 2019.
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          Queen bed Answered on October 5, 2019.
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            we never got the impression there was issues – just chalked it up to post-op recovery.  It’s time that heels… and after what just happened – u 2 are jumping jack rabbits

            Queen bed Answered on October 5, 2019.
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