Timing of sexual response changes

    When did you notice sexual response changes related to menopause? Was it before her period changes noticeably? Was is during the time of irregular periods? Was it at or after cessation?

    Queen bed Asked on August 9, 2019 in Menopause .
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      I’m going to guess by sexual response changes you mean how easily she becomes aroused and how you know it? I had noticed the last several years I needed to focus more on making sure my head was “in the game” so to speak if I wanted my body to respond properly, Years ago, I could be distracted but my body would often go ahead without me. I was declared to be in peri-menopause about a year or two ago, but my periods had gotten more regular (in terms of arrival; less dependable in terms of degree and duration) before my big am-I-ever-going-to-stop-bleeding episode which led to testing, then surgery. Now I assume I am entering surgical menopause, having had everything removed, but have had few major symptoms so far. (Only a little moodiness and a crying spell or two.) And DH and I are both making a point to tease out my sexual feelings as we arrive at the end of my forced abstention time. 😀 The tinglies are there, but I’m waiting for the doctor’s official O-kay before we start playing around to see how everything works now.

      Hope that helps…

      Under the stars Answered on August 11, 2019.
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        That is a complicated question. It depends so much on the person and is very difficult to generalize. For us the signs began before her period changed noticeably. But they increased after her period became irregular.

        Under the stars Answered on August 9, 2019.
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          I have often wondered this, as I am nearing (or well into) the age where peri-menopause begins. I would love to hear others experiences with it.

          Under the stars Answered on August 10, 2019.
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