Today’s Question(s) of the Day: 11/20/2019

    Your spouse texts you telling you they’re in the mood for spicing up the bedroom, that they’ll do whatever you desire if you come up with a steamy roleplay scenario and one or more costumes: What scenario do you propose and what costume(s) do you get?

    Blanket on a secluded beach! Asked on November 20, 2019 in Question of the Day.
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      Having DW ask me to blind fold her, restrain her and she ask me to edge her until she begs to O

      Queen bed Answered on November 20, 2019.

      Wish my wife would ask for that!

      on November 21, 2019.
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        I have and it’s incredible.

        Fell out of ... Answered on November 21, 2019.
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          Scenario A: Santa 🎅 and Mrs. Claus. Include joking about “naughty list”, “where should I put the mistletoe”, and “unwrapping”

          Scenario B: Westley and Buttercup from the Princess Bride. Get to use that cheesy line to compliment her figure.

          Queen bed Answered on November 21, 2019.
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            Scenario: Damsel in distress. Daring rescue in the dead of night by her knight. Damsel is very eager to “reward” her rescuer.

            Costume: Nightgown for DW. Some light attire of a medieval knight or squire with a sword buckled on for me.

            On the floor Answered on December 28, 2019.
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