Upping the verbal/’dirty talk’ game

    Voicing things during sex is not a strong suit for me, I would like to up my game.

    What are the top lines you like to say or hear? It could be during sex, after sex, or the flirtation and teasing to lead up to it.

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      I’ll try to keep this clean enough to avoid titillation while still being specific enough to be helpful. I express my great admiration for the length, girth, stiffness, and softness (skin) of his, ahem, equipment (Tim is right, I never call it a penis; words I use start with c and d) and tell him how lucky I am that he not only has an exceptional one, but knows how to use it well.  Sometimes I focus on telling him exactly how wonderful he has made me feel or, as  NWNL said, how I can’t wait to get him inside me. I definitely mention how that feels, focusing on concepts like stretching, stuffing, heat, etc. It’s not verbal, but I make sure to let him see me openly ogling him naked, with an expression full of eager anticipation (I widen my eyes, bite and lick my lips, and maybe not exactly pant, but breathe a little excited.) I talk about how I belong to him, he possesses me, he’s staking his claim, marking his territory, (those things turn ME on; I hope they turn him on). I also tell him how he’s the only man I could possibly love and the only one who could ever please me.

      Oh, and just FYI, I never tell him anything but the honest truth. If I can’t say something good truthfully, I find something else to say.  False praise would be harmful in the long run. Only sincere words, even in playful dirty talk, build him up.

      Under the stars Answered on June 17, 2020.

      Well said Duchess.

      on June 17, 2020.

      Yes that ^^ covers it pretty much.

      on June 17, 2020.

      Yes, you have nailed it. As to your question from yesterday about why men with wives who are willing still feel the need to mb. I think the temptation to mb would be very infrequent if my wife could engage like you do with some regularity. Bravo to you and your lucky hubby!

      on June 17, 2020.

      Agree about lucky hubby, i wish i was like Duchess

      on June 18, 2020.

      To be fair, word crafting is my thing.  😉

      on June 18, 2020.

      ^^^^THAT’S how you get treated like a queen!^^^

      on June 22, 2020.
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        I crave very pointed and direct praise of and desire for my man parts and how excited my wife is to be experiencing it, repeatedly. 🙂 Most men want their woman to think their penis is the most fantastic gift freely available to them. Tip, if you want it to be erotic don’t call it a penis.

        Also specific praise for skills like oral sex, this is best delivered during the act.

        I think pre-encounter erotic talk should be about how turned on you are and how much you want his man parts, or maybe specific things you are going to do to him or that you want done to you.

        Again, men want specific praise and very specific directions on what you want. That is hot. Being coy, lady like, and using formal or proper language is not going to get it done.

        Fell out of ... Answered on June 17, 2020.

        I know you asked for actual lines, but I don’t feel comfortable putting the ones I’d actually like to hear from my wife out there.

        on June 17, 2020.
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          Another idea is to look up names and activities in an urban/slang dictionary. We’ve also used some of those terms which can be quite amusing when used in the right moment. Why should the kids have all the fun slang?

          bumpin uglies….tongue twister…patting the beaver…. bopping the bologna…

          What husband wouldn’t want to play “hide the sausage”? 😀

          Again, a lot of this would depend upon your relationship and the mood.  Personally, I enjoy when my wife goes off the rails on occasion but crass isn’t something I want a steady diet of…but when she toys with me, mmmm, mmmm, good ‘cause I know what’s coming, we are gonna get down and do “the deed” with a whole lot of raw passion.

          Under the stars Answered on June 17, 2020.
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            I like to hear DW use nonclinical words for her body parts. Like t*ts or pu**y.

            It gets me going when she either invites me with questions like, Do you want to see more? Do you want to have me? How about you suck me hard?

            Or, when she gives me directives: Do it now! Go deep, etc.

            Under the stars Answered on June 17, 2020.
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              Uhmmm….I want to hear her talk about what she wants to do to me….to feel me do…to feel of mine. Think of what you might imagine in a “trashy” romance novel.


              -oh, I can’t wait to take your throbbing ______ in my mouth… (or “feel it plunge into me”)

              – I love it when you take me hard and fast from behind.
              – I wanna feel you head between my legs

              – I want you to treat me like your horse, ride me hard and put me away wet.

              -_______ me now!!!

              -I want you so bad… (or inside me) I can’t take it any more

              I enjoy when my wife vocalizes her pleasure and encourages me to keep going.  I also like it when she texts what she wants to do to me…what she wants to experience with me/by me.


              And I like to tell her, “save a horse, ride a cowboy”.  (So not me BUT she loves horses and grew up on a farm.)

              Under the stars Answered on June 17, 2020.

              I really appreciate the “lines” you gave!  When one “freezes” at an idea, all creativity seems to vanish and having very specifics is very helpful…. which is why I asked for lines. 🙂

              on June 17, 2020.

              SC, I think you’ll find the more you use and practice, the easier it’ll become. I know my wife found it that way regarding sexting and phone sex…and it’s probably easier when she’s got a lot of hormones too.

              I know for me I just say what I feel like doing to her, what I want to to or with her. It used to feel awkward for her but now she’ll play along with her own responses and that can really get the fires stoked.

              Have fun!

              on June 17, 2020.
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                I will also add that emojis do wonders for me too. Here’s a few of our faves.  (And I hope they show up in this)


                Under the stars Answered on June 17, 2020.

                I may regret asking this, but what does the avocado emoji represent?

                on June 17, 2020.

                I kind of wondered the same thing.

                on June 17, 2020.

                LOL Scott. It reminded me of the book cover of SHE COMES FIRST and therefore, the vulva and female anatomy.

                on June 17, 2020.

                Had to look up the book cover, but I can see that now. Especially if you’re red-green color blind.

                on June 17, 2020.
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                  What about short ones, like:

                    • Bite it!


                    • Stronger !


                    • Faster !


                    • I’m coming !


                    • There! There!


                    • Eat it!


                    • Lick it!


                    • grab it!


                    • squeeze it!


                    • smack it!


                  + some moans added. or the word “now” at the end of these words?

                  Newbridge ad deemed too sexy (not the Ronan O'Gara one ...

                  Hammock Answered on June 17, 2020.
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                    I know H and i will not use the F word and find it very distasteful but i find it hard to be vocal until orgasm. Only time i used dirty talk was twice and i was very turned on, one time was when i initiated fellatio to completion and told  him i would like him to “c…” in my mouth (i’m sure he loved that as that was the very first time i ever used the word come as i hated that word up til then) and the other time was right before orgasm i told him i was about to “c…..” and i know he loved that.

                    Otherwise i’m not really into it and feel it would be forced unless i was feeling very hot.  Husbands old school so calls the vulva “beaver” which i detest, LOL and won’t call it that but i’d much rather him call it that then vagina any day. He will say something turns him on but other than that no real dirty talk. Not against it but for me it would be kind of forced…

                    Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on June 17, 2020.

                    Agreed @SoA, no F word either. A couple months ago in the middle of an O caught up in the moment told my DW I like my A** spanked, which was a first and caught me off  guard. I asked her if she heard what I said and she said she didn’t, It’s not something I would normally use, so it was a shocker for me even in the heat of the moment, although she wasn’t completely surprised even though I try to set a guard on my mouth.

                    on June 17, 2020.

                    LOL good for you! I don’t see anything wrong with that word or “street” words for body parts. We both, especially my H, hate the F word and my husband esp doesn’t like it when women use it, probably even in TMB.  He surprised me one day when he said (not in TMB) that i had the perfect a$$ and it turned me on so i see nothing wrong with that. I would add that i’m much more prone to use words, etc., if i’m feeling very horny which is hard lately for both of us, our sex life has suffered because of some pretty significant health problems. I would say that the fatigue from it has a profound effect so i feel especially for the wives who suffer fatigue and burn out and how it affects everything sexually. I also would add that when i have used dirty talk as i referenced above, it only added to our experience but it’s just not really something i do and won’t force it but i DO THINK IT! 🙂

                    on June 17, 2020.

                    It certainly has to be natural and in the moment and just let it out and can’t be forced. Forced is a turn off but natural seems exciting and impulsive and freeing. Like you, I’m more prone to be more verbally expressive when I’m particularly horny as well.  My DW is more reserved. Like your comment “good for you”, that encourages me to be a bit more verbal, but not uncomfortable. You’re right about thinking vs. saying. I do have to keep quiet at times, but then there are other times when the moment seems right and just let it out.

                    On a funny note, when my wife was in kindergarten she proudly came home after school one day having begun to learn how to read announcing to her mom a new word she read on a building walking home. It was the F word.

                    on June 17, 2020.

                    Just a follow up SOA, we had a discussion the other night uncharacteristically prompted by my wife of asking if there were things I would like her to do to me that she currently is not doing.. I came up with a few ideas for her. We did bring up again the conversation we had before about dirty talk, but this time we had a more in depth discussion about it including the use of the word a$$. She said she was fine with that with the understanding that it’s only for TMB, not used in any derogatory way like I’m gonna beat your ___, etc. Neither of us has used it while ML since our discussion, but as I said earlier, it needs to be natural not forced. I think it’s still in the “awkward use” phase and just need to let it out (especially since I’m thinking it). There is certainly a lot more opportunity for creative talk as we engage in foreplay, etc.

                    on July 21, 2020.
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                      Sounds like this is something we need to put more effort into. I have thought about it, but than forgot about it again. We don’t verbalize much during sex. But these are excellent ideas. I also like the emojis and text used. I never use emojis when texting, but I think I shall start. Only with DH though, LOL.

                      This would seem a bit awkward to start talking like this during sex. Anyone have ideas on starting so that DH won’t think I’m completely messed up in my head, or that I won’t laugh too hard?

                      Under the stars Answered on June 17, 2020.

                      Wait until the next time you are at the height of your passion and just let out some sort of expression about how much you are enjoying yourself–“OH WOW!” or roll your eyes back in your head and say “Ooooooh my gosh!” You are probably thinking that, so it’s not much of a stretch to go ahead and let it out. If that doesn’t feel right, look for a moment when something does run through your head and let that out, spicing it up a little. You could also spend some time visualizing yourself vocalizing when you are not in bed so that it will feel more familiar when you are.  Good luck!

                      on June 17, 2020.

                      Thanks, Duchess! I’m definitely going to give that a try.

                      on June 17, 2020.
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                        “What are the top lines you like to say or hear? It could be during sex, after sex, or the flirtation and teasing to lead up to it”

                        For me “dirty talk” has a specific purpose. It is designed to express passion, desire, and erotic love. This is in contrast to what I would call “soft talk” (e.g. you are so beautiful) which is designed to express the “softer emotions” of intimate love and companionship.

                        In other words you use soft talk when cuddling or during a slow intimate act of lovemaking to express deep feelings of connection.

                        You use erotic talk to express your passion for your spouse. You didn’t marry them merely for companionship, you married them because you desired them and longed for their soul, mind, and body.

                        It doesn’t have to be use “bad words” or specifically mention sexual body parts (although such verbiage has its place) as long as its focused on the passion you have for your spouse. It lets your spouse know they are irresistible.

                        It also works well in combination with nonverbal action. For example if I talk about a body part I am often simultaneously stimulating it. If I tell her how wonderful it is to be inside her I increase my thrusting rate.

                        Specific examples

                        Say: I love your perfect *insert body part*, I want to take you to bed and * you all night long, bend over, I want to rip your clothes off, I love being inside you, etc.

                        Hear: * me harder, take me, praise of and desire to experience a certain body part, hearty request for stimulation of certain body part, I love when you’re inside me, you are my man, etc.

                        On the floor Answered on June 20, 2020.
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