We just got a mirror!!!

    We recently bought a full length 10 ft H x 4 ft W mirror that sits in a strategic position against the wall beside the bed to give us a good/alternate view during sex. I’ve been thinking about this for a while because I like positions such as reverse cowgirl and doggy but could only imagine what it actually looks like for DH. I’m also a huge fan of missionary and side lying bc of the closeness I feel when everything is “nearing completion”,.  My question is… what have you done to turn your bedroom into a love nest?

    King bed Asked on September 1, 2019 in Activities & Items .
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      We have one large mirror directly across from our bed. With the right position, we can both make eye contact with each other in a position we normally can’t. 🙂

      Queen bed Answered on September 3, 2019.
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        I added stick-on romantic murals on the walls as well as small heart-shaped mirrors.  I put the mirrors so I could see our positions yet they are two small and plus my wife moved them.  🙁

        Fell out of ... Answered on September 2, 2019.
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          Nice! You’ll find many ways to enjoy them. We have 5 mirrors….

          Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on September 2, 2019.
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            yes! we love strategically placed mirrors. they’ve been amazing for viewing what we look like making love and add an extra dimension of excitement during the act.

            Hammock Answered on September 2, 2019.
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              Mirrors are great.  We have remodeled and the newness of the ceiling, walls and furniture adds to the enhanced effect of our love nest.


              California King Answered on September 2, 2019.
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                Maybe someone could share how these mirrors are all placed? We have a large bedroom, but lots of windows on 2 sides , and a wide closet with 3 doors, plus the bedroom door on one side. Than a dresser, with a mirror, opposite the bed, but too far away to see anything.

                Hammock Answered on September 2, 2019.
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                  @Brynna, for now we have 2 mirrors. One is above a large dresser across from the foot of the bed about 8 ft away, the other is at the side of the bed, about 4-5 feet away. The mirror on the dresser was enough for DH to have a good view during doggy as we are parallel to the mirror. I can see myself during reverse cowgirl in the same mirror, but it’s too high for me to see DH’s face. The mirror on the side allows me to be in reverse cowgirl and still see DH’s face. It’s been lovely!! I think 2 is enough for us. You could always go full on 1980’s and pop a mirror up on the ceiling, 😉 😉

                  King bed Answered on September 3, 2019.

                  Thanks! No mirror on the ceiling here. How would you explain to children?!

                  on September 3, 2019.

                  You’re protecting yourselves from aliens probing your brains while you sleep. They don’t need one because aliens only want to probe fully developed adult brains. Kids are totally safe as long as they brush their teeth every night.  😛

                  on September 5, 2019.
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                    When we got married, I remodeled my family room to become our bedroom and added French door with full length mirrors on the back of the new doors. Not only does she use them to get dressed up but they provide wonderful views of LM in front of them.

                    We’ve also added liberator shapes, pillows and bed cuffs. 

                    Queen bed Answered on September 5, 2019.
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                      I’m trying to figure out how you got a mirror that big into the house (and possibly up stairs? around corners? etc?) without breaking it! We couldn’t do it!

                      On the floor Answered on September 5, 2019.

                      It’s not an expensive mirror and it has a light frame. DH got it upstairs on his own. I do know what you’re talking about, though. Our mirror above the dresser is smaller but is VERY heavy and requires 2 ppl minimum. I think it’s lighter because it’s cheaper/thinner than mirrors you find that come with expensive furniture sets.

                      on September 6, 2019.
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                        JBinthehouse, trying to email you. But there’s no option on your profile.

                        Twin bed Answered on October 10, 2019.
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