What are a few things you are thankful for in your spouse or marriage?

    As we enter the week of Thanksgiving here in the States, I thought it would be good for us to share a few things we are thankful for in our spouse or marriage, that may not be known by others here (which means it doesn’t have to be sexually related 😉 )  The more unique or quirky things you are thankful for, the more fun this could be!

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      1. I love that my husband has always seen me for who I truly am. He reached out to me when I was ending an abusive relationship. 10 years into my marriage, he ignored my request for a divorce because he knew it was so out of character for me that it was a sign something else was wrong. He stayed by me and struggled with me as we battled my suicide attempt, my hospitalization, and my mental health diagnosis. All that after I’d given him permission to leave. My doctors told me I had a great chance of living my best life because of what kind of man my husband is. They were right.

      2. He takes care of our whole family, even when we are not always appreciative. His financial prowess has allowed me to live knowing that we will be fine if I ever have to reenter the hospital again. And that security has been part of what helps me keep my illness under control.

      3. He inspires me to be a better person, to reach inside myself, hone my skills, and be the best version of myself.

      4. He supports our children’s dreams in a way that I’ve seen few fathers do.

      5. He is, in short, the only man I have ever felt comfortable about submitting myself to.

      Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on November 25, 2019.
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        I am thankful that….

        1. My husband is a jack of all trades. He has saved us a lot of money over the years by being able to fix appliances, cars, electronics, etc. He can work with plumbing and electricity. He has built rooms, sheds, and treehouses. He paints, roofs, and landscapes.

        2. Because he is such an extremes kind of guy, and is an extrovert, some of our best laughs and memories are him unintentionally making a fool of himself….like throwing himself on the hood of a car because he thought he new the guy…nope, he didn’t. I am thankful we can laugh together.

        3. He truly adores me. One of the greatest symbols of his love, to me, is a red door. He painted a wall and the door that goes from inside our garage into our house, for the sole purpose of my pleasure. No one but us would see it, and that’s the only door I really enter, and he wanted me to enjoy the red doors I was desiring, every time I came home. That was a selfless, no “practical purpose”, investment of extra time, money and energy from him. All just for me….a “gift” I neither asked for and I could have lived without. A photo of that door is on my “lock screen” on my tablet, just as another constant reminder of his love.

        Under the stars Answered on November 25, 2019.
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          My DW and I aren’t having a very good month…but that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful or blessed to have her as my wife.

          She is everything a man could want and then some. She is patient, gracious, humble, and merciful. She has given me 70 times 70 chances and then 70 times 70 again!

          She never gives up on me and hopefully, never will. She’s the best helper a man could want…she’s never afraid to get her hands dirty or work hard.She supports my Ministry at Church, and helps me tirelessly with our youth group. She compliments me from her seat after we’re done with worship, even if I made a mistake on the drums or guitar, or missed a word…

          She is an excellent mother that will do anything for her children and has proven it time and time again. She is a great teacher to our girls and has raised very godly, and respectful young woman.

          We will never be the perfect couple, but with continued work and growth from God, we will be the couple He wants us to be.

          On the floor Answered on November 25, 2019.
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            I am thankful for all the ‘little’ things that DH does, and says, that may go unnoticed by most others.

            If we are in a room together, he will always step aside to make sure I go first.

            He never makes fun of my projects or tells me I can’t do something. He will sometimes say, you figure it out and hand me the list of what you need.

            He praises my handwriting. ( a sore spot with me, because I was made to do pages of penmanship at home, by parents and teacher because it was never good enough. I have hated it since.) He has always loved it, since we were teens!

            I was bemoaning the fact last night, that I was so much heavier than him, and no way to ever change it, because of his light build and my heavy one. He just nicely said he would look terrible at my weight because of his slight frame. And that it was all good.

            He just started making Saturday morning breakfast for the family, about 2 months ago.

            He takes the huge grocery shopping list and carefully buys whats on there, with no grumbling. He always keeps track of the money in the grocery account and I NEVER have had to remind him or ask him.

            When I have to leave first thing in the morning, and haven’t had time to make our bed, I often come home and notice he’s made it.

            He bought me a little Christmas cactus, in a color I didn’t have yet, because he knows how I love them.

            Much more could be said, and there’s all the ‘bigger’ things I’m thankful for about DH, but these are some of the less obvious ones, that other people would not know.

            Under the stars Answered on November 25, 2019.
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              I’m thankful that she loves Jesus, me, being a wife, homemaker, and mother, and the life God has give us. She rarely complains and supports me in my endeavors!

              Under the stars Answered on November 25, 2019.
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                I am deeply grateful that my wife has always been serious about dealing with her stuff. This has made every aspect of our marriage so much better.

                I try to be good about dealing with my stuff, but I think she beats me most of the time.

                Fell out of ... Answered on November 25, 2019.
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                  He makes me feel safe, more safe than any person I’ve ever known.

                  He is diligent, he works hard and is not afraid to get dirty.

                  He is detail oriented (this was a struggle at first as it is so opposite to my “charge ahead and get things done quickly personality” that we clashed but I have come to appreciate how we each make up what the other lacks for balance in this area)

                  Despite being an introvert he is someone who can easily strike up a conversation and talk to anyone, the much older cashier at the grocery store, the construction worker in front of our house, the teenage girls from church who babysit our kids, he is never uncomfortable or lost for words in a conversation.

                  He is funny, our sense of humor is not always the same but he is always good at lightening the mood when needed.

                  He always lets me warm up my cold hands and feet on his very warm body, he is my personal furnace

                  He can fix just about anything, he has rebuilt several cars from the engine up (I think that’s the right terminology)  if it has a plug he can fix it, and he has done additions and improvements on our home without hiring help which has saved us lots of money over the years

                  He has a servants heart, he uses his ability to fix things to bless many many people

                  He is humble, not afraid to say that he was wrong and always the first the apologize in an argument

                  He is appreciative, always quick to compliment my cooking, tell me how much he appreciates how I mother/teach our children etc.

                  He is not afraid to try new things, from food to experiences, he more than puts up with my adrenaline seeking adventures, he enthusiastically participates in almost everything I dream up.

                  He is much more discerning than I am, yet he also doesn’t take himself seriously

                  He is confident and not afraid of what people think of him but not in an arrogant way

                  He gets the hiccups when he eats spicy foods

                  He’s tall and I fit perfectly under his chin for hugs and snuggling

                  He loves many of the things about me that I don’t/didn’t (I hated my hair color growing up but he is very vocal about how he loves it) so I have come to see myself as beautiful through his eyes

                  On the floor Answered on November 26, 2019.
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                    I am grateful for my DW who has cared for my mother, and who taught her part together with me, our children well.  She is a wellspring of energy to ministry and has fostered great relationships throughout our ministry.  I love her swagger in the bedroom, though we have much to learn and areas to grow.  I am thankful for such a pretty and wonderful woman of God who is content to continue work towards glorifying the Lord.

                    Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on November 25, 2019.
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                      I’m thankful that my DH is adventurous.  He is always planning a fun trip or thinking outside of the box and it keeps life very exciting.  I’m glad I get to grow old with that man 🙂  I’m also thankful that he is a great dad and I see the memories our kids will have of their childhood and it really fills me with contentment.

                      Queen bed Answered on November 25, 2019.
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                        1. I am thankful for my husband’s faith in me. Despite my long-term struggle with depression and anxiety he continually believes I can be better than the big ole’ mess I am now and have proven over and over to be.
                        2. He believes in my dreams, even when I don’t, and once told me that even if God’s only purpose for him was to be a support to His purposes for me, he was happy with that. (Incidentally, I believe God has big purposes for him too. Guess we both struggle to believe in ourselves.)
                        3. He notices and remembers everything I admire or enjoy and will come back to it later, whether it inspires a joke, a gift, or an interesting story.
                        4. He knows me. He knows things about me that even I have forgotten and yet I still feel like he wants to know more (and there are still new things to discover about him.)
                        5. He learned to like cauliflower and broccoli for me.
                        6. He folds his own socks and underwear. (Actually does a lot of laundry.)
                        7. He is a big tough manly man and before we started dating, he pretended to hate kittens, but he is so tender with small furry things and even though he didn’t want our newer dog (not her particularly; just another one), he loves on her, talks baby talk to her, and even picks up all 40 lbs of her and carries her around like a baby. He spoils her rotten and even when she’s driving him crazy he’s a softie. Kind of the way he is with our daughter.
                        8. He is super smart yet still manages to have more common sense than just about anyone else I know.
                        9. He loves to do things with me. He once learned to cross stitch when it was my hobby du jour.
                        10. He’s cuddly! I’m a cuddler and need cuddly, so I am so thankful he is cuddly!
                        Under the stars Answered on November 25, 2019.
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