What do you really want?

    1. What is the one or two things that you really want your spouse to do for you?

    2. Have you tried to communicate that to them?

    3. How did it go?

    4. Have you asked what your spouse really wants?

    By the way, don’t feel that you must answer all 4 to make a post, no pressure:)

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      As far as sex goes:

      1. I would like her to give me OS, and would like her to allow me to perform OS on her.  With regard to me performing OS on her, I would like us to find a way for her to O from this, and have suggested she use a vibrator during this activity.
      2. Yes.
      3. She has agreed to both and we are developing plans to work on these activities. The challenge is that I want to make sure that at least one sexual encounter per week is focused on what kinds of activities she likes. Thus, each week we try to plan one day ‘for her’, and one day ‘for me’. However, often when the time comes to work on the OS activities, we change our mind and engage in some other kind of activity. This is usually my fault, because my desire to receive and give OS is the same as my desire to do what most pleases DW sexually. So, on many of the ‘for me’ days, I tell her I am o.k. doing the things we do on ‘her day’. I told her that I think one way to advance the ball here is to go away on a second honey moon so we can really focus on exploring and growing our sex life. Unfortunately, finding time has been difficult, and I am still nervous about traveling in these weird COVID times.
      4. Yes. Every Saturday morning we make sure to have a ‘her day’ when it comes to sex. This involves lots of naked cuddling, and when she has had enough of that, we have a routine that involves the use of a magic wand  that 8 out of 10 times results in DW having an O, after which we follow up with PIV (usually in missionary).
      On the floor Answered 2 days ago.
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        I am assuming you are speaking in the sexual realm….

        1. Currently, give me a little more space or a break from having sex so often.

        2. Yes

        3. Initially he didn’t handle it well, but he has been willing to try.

        4. Yes. Very specifically in the past, but that has led us to be open on talking about those kind of things without needing to ask.

        Under the stars Answered 3 days ago.
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          In the area of sex, I want to wake up inside my wife, her in the WOT position riding me.  The last time I mentioned it, she seemed willing to try, but it hasn’t happened yet. She does not usually feel like sex in the morning, and the whole scenario apparently doesn’t seem as erotic to her as it does to me.

          California King Answered 3 days ago.

          Oh yes! I have had that happen, and more than once!

          First time DW said she just figured it was a perfect opportunity, considerng the situation! 😉

          2 days ago.

          My wife seemed to express a willingness to do this a couple of months ago.  I expressed an interest in it in the past.  I don’t usually sleep on my back, though, and the idea probably just doesn’t occur to her in the morning.

          I read that in Canada, if you have sex with someone while they are asleep, the Supreme Court decided that was rape.  So if my wife does this, I can call her my little Canadian rapist as a term of endearment… just when we are alone.  Btw, that sounds like judicial overreach, with the state intruding into couples sexual and private life.  Consent while awake given prior should be allowed.  If my wife ‘rapes’ me, I’m not calling the police unless she physically hurts me.  🙂

          If she does wake-up sex, I’m planning on getting a big bouquet of flowers and a card thanking her for being so kind to me.    What’s better– roses or live roses in a pot?  She’s a vegetable gardender.  How would potted roses do inside in the winter time?

          While discussing this, she said I’ve been a little grumpy or startled when she woke me up at different times in the past, so she’s afraid I might do that if she has sex with me.  Sometimes I grunt a bit before I can articulate a word if she tries to wake me up.

          19 hours ago.
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            1. Oral sex. I would like to perform it on her as well as her on me.

            2. Yes, I could not have been more clear.

            3. She didn’t say much at all but still refuses to engage in oral sex in any way.

            4. She will not answer the question.

            Double bed Answered 22 hours ago.
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