What were some meaningful surprises that happened to you this Christmas?

    It can be something little or big.  It could be within your marriage or not. It may be gifts, acts, or anything else.

    Too often, in the busyness of the season, we can miss the small gestures others do that truly show love.


    I had a few surprises…

    1) My husband generously let us bypass sex on Christmas eve night.  That was a shocker because I read TGH too, and I have seen the push for the Christmas eve quickie.  But that’s not really a need in our home.

    2)  We had a first of spending Christmas with just our core family. That meant dinner was on me.  My help, was unexpectedly my husband in preparing the meal.

    3)  Friends caring and thinking of me enough to initiate Xmas greetings/wishes to me.

    Under the stars Asked on December 25, 2019 in Chit Chat, Jokes, and More .
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      Well, today  i let my husband know my major fantasy or turn on and it’s leading to some great sex, however it could easily fall into the realm of possible sin depending on how one looks at it so it’s something i may need to really pray about.

      Fell out of ... Answered on December 25, 2019.
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        Not that they were surprises,

        1. We had a great time together as a family visiting, opening gifts, playing with the grandkids and enjoying great food!
        2. Enjoying games and hanging out
        3. Participating in the Christmas Eve program at church
        4. Morning sex!
        Under the stars Answered on December 26, 2019.
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          Christmas came early this year,  and our son brought his girlfriend and her little girl to celebrate with us on Christmas Eve.  We opened gifts with them while they were here.  For Christmas,  DW and I did absolutely nothing.  No cooking,  no cleaning, no visitors, etc.  It was totally peaceful, and I wish every Christmas could be this way.

          Fell out of ... Answered on December 25, 2019.
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            I didn’t expect anything last night, we are on holidays with all the kids enjoying a green Christmas. But it was on her mind and she offered, not just for me, but for both of us. Often at this point in her cycle she doesn’t even try to climax, but it didn’t seem difficult at all.

            California King Answered on December 26, 2019.
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              1. My wife (for the most part) got along well with little arguments or disagreements.
              2. My cousin came in from California to stop by for the Christmas meal.
              3. My twin cousins helped out with the cooking.
              4. God moved in a situation that I had struggled with for a while now and now have peace about.
              Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on December 26, 2019.
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                We enjoyed Christmas Eve Service together as a family.  I forgot the encouragement of worshiping together.

                We exchanged gifts after having drawn names.  This made everything simple, and much lest costly.

                Our Christmas dinner was fantastic.

                On the floor Answered on December 26, 2019.
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                  I love reading everyone’s posts. Great thread!

                  1. My whole family came to Christmas Eve service with me. My husband is a non-believer, and I never pressure him to go. It was sweet to have him next to me.

                  2. My kids have decided that now that they’re teens, they see and appreciate what we do for them on a daily basis. They said it seemed selfish to ask for gifts. We did get them a couple of things, but we mostly spent a lot of quality time together. It makes me so happy to see the kind of people they are growing up to be.

                  3. We’re expecting snow tomorrow, which is relatively rare for us. We’re counting it as our white Christmas, and we’re planning to watch the movie together tomorrow.

                  On the floor Answered on December 26, 2019.
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                    • Christmas eve service.
                    • Christmas morning sex!
                    • Watching kids open gifts and spending the day playing with them.
                    Queen bed Answered on December 27, 2019.
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                      The best gift was a darling little Nativity scene, made by our youngest child in school. Joseph and Mary were painted in my favorite colors and dressed in little robes. Baby Jesus was wrapped in white flannel. They were all placed on a little sanded slab, cut from a birch tree.

                      Christmas morning service in my parent’s church.

                      One day at lunch time….the others told me to go have a nap! I decided to take them up on it and got up from the table with hands full of dirty dishes. DH gently told me to put them down and go nap. (No, he didn’t join me, even tho I suggested it.) That was very special!

                      Blanket on a secluded beach! Answered on December 27, 2019.
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                        At an extended family gathering where we are usually the first to leave (because of needing to get to the next one) we were actually one of the last and I spent some quality time with (most of) the women of the family talking family, history, and many other things. I felt deeply connected, which is something I often struggle with.

                        One evening DD was elsewhere and I asked DH to snuggle on the couch with me to watch a movie, his choice. He picked It’s a Wonderful Life, even though he doesn’t really care for it, because he knows I like to watch it at least once a season.

                        My DD gave me “Brain Training Puzzles” books because she has learned that doing them regularly will help to sharpen my mind, which is an issue at times since our car accident. It was half-teasing because she gets so frustrated when I can’t remember things she has told me, but mostly very, very thoughtful because she knows how frustrating it is for me to feel so far short of my best mental acuity.

                        Under the stars Answered on December 30, 2019.
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