Who Is Doing Testosterone Replacement?

    The old board had a robust TRT page. I’d like to see that happen here.

    Are you doing or considering doing testosterone replacement therapy? If yes, what protocols are you following? Have you seen improvements and benefits?

    My TRT started off rough. I had huge symptoms. Finally found and started treatment with Defy Medical a few years ago. It has greatly benefited me. So much so, that my wife is also being treated by Defy and she has also seen big benefits.

    I started off with cremes, then once a month injections (worthless). Went to another provider who pushed pellets but allowed me to self-inject.  He had little knowledge of needed testing and that’s when I switched to Defy.  I’ve been very happy with them.

    I also inject HCG and use an AI as needed. My numbers are all great except for Hematocrit which is high.

    I had a consult with Defy last week and they prescribed PT-141. I hope to try it next week. If interested, I will share the results.


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      Defy switched me from 2 injections per week to three in an effort to lower my hematocrit and maybe stabilize estrogen so I don’t need to take an AI.

      Hammock Answered 5 days ago.
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        I am on the journey, which you know, of TRT with my husband. I currently do not have any first hand experience with bhrt, but I am open to it when other things fall in line.

        It’s been reading and following other men and wives of men, that educated me, helped me recognize symptoms in my husband, made me an advocate when going with him to local doctors. Who knows what paths he would have gone down if I hadn’t learned and gained knowledge and wisdom from others sharing their experiences.

        I want to follow this thread.

        Under the stars Answered 5 days ago.

        My wife started treatment with Defy a couple of years ago. She resisted but I saw the symptoms in her. She finally relented and reluctantly gave them a call. She has told me and others what a dramatic difference it has made for her. She did not realize how bad she felt. It never hurts to get checked.

        I’ve also learned that TRT is dynamic. As our bodies change, our treatment must also change. The 6 month check-ups with Defy are a pain and expensive, but it’s the best way to stay on top of things. 


        5 days ago.

        I may have been resistant when I first was exposed to the idea, but I wouldn’t say I am any longer, at least not around the idea of bhrt itself.  There are other outside factors that have kept me away from it.  Finances being a big part of it, because other medical needs seem to take priority over my hormones….because after all, I am still functional, even if it’s hard and there’s no pleasure in it.


        5 days ago.
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          I started on Androgel cream about 12 years ago now, and it made a huge difference from the first time I put it on.  It was a lifesaver for me, as I was facing a whole slew of symptoms that I could not figure out why I was having them, and it was impacting my life and my ministry.  After being on Androgel for years, the cost went way up and my insurance would no longer cover it.  I switched to a compounding pharmacy about two years ago that makes a cream called Atrevis.  The strength is much higher than Androgel, which meant I needed a lot less of it each day.  I think it actually works better than the Androgel did, and I’m definitely happy with it!  I know a lot of guys don’t see much benefit from the cream, but it turned things around for me!

          Fell out of ... Answered 5 days ago.

          Some men benefit more from cremes than injections.  I see a trend going in that direction. I tried cremes at first and they did little or nothing for me. My T was in the 200’s. Injections put me between 900-1100.  Of course, the Dr. who prescribed the cremes didn’t know what he was doing. Good guy, just not trained in TRT.

          5 days ago.
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            DH started BHRT 5 weeks ago. His numbers were good, and some were so good the doctor didn’t know if she had ever seen such good numbers. Except for testosterone. It was that of someone almost twice his age. He uses the cream. She also has him take 1 DHEA capsule every day. We started seeing small improvements after 8 days of the T. He has blood work again in a few weeks, so I’m curious to see how it has improved.

            Under the stars Answered 5 days ago.

            DHEA is good. Defy prescribes a dosage that makes my number REALLY high. It helps control SHBG which means more Free T.  I think it also has a calming effect and helps with sleep.


            5 days ago.
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              My husband has been on injected Testosterone for around 9 years.  He started out once a week but has had better results with twice a week injections for the past few years.  It was an uphill battle for us to find a doctor who would agree that his levels were low and treat him but once we found the provider he is with we’ve been very happy.  His demeanor, energy levels, ability to cope with stress, and sex drive and physical performance have been night and day better to what it was prior to starting therapy.

              On the floor Answered 5 days ago.

              Your story is common. It’s not easy to find a competent TRT provider.  Defy was the answer for me. Oddly, my CNP was NOT a fan when I went to her for the Defy physical. I keep going back to her and showing the lab reports. She’s now on board and has even written some scripts for me that I originally got from Defy saving me tons of money.

              Once a week injections are old protocol. They don’t help because of the half-life of T. You have major peaks and valleys in your T levels. I was doing 2 and have now switched to three times a week. Some are doing every other day or every day injections. It helps to keep your T numbers level.

              I’m glad you were able to find someone whom you can trust.

              5 days ago.
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                Thanks to TMB, and mostly Hoosier, DH started trt several years ago (at first unsuccessfully from his PCP. )

                We moved to Defy, and have been extremely satisfied for several years. He takes trt and hcg 3×week. Like others, he has to watch his hematocrit, and routinely donates blood.
                The benefits have been profound, more energy, less pain in joints, and almost always morning wood.

                I started my own protocol with Defy 1 1/2 years ago.
                Thyroid, estradiol cream, progesterone pill and trt 3×week.
                When Defy first tested me, I had the estrogen/progesterone levels of a toddler….
                that’s actually not correct…..
                a toddler had higher estrogen levels than I did.

                I suffered from a lots of symptoms, but predominantly hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety and brain fog.
                After starting Defys protocol, those symptoms lifted almost immediately! And have not returned!
                I am sold!

                Hoosier, your suggestions and encouragement have made a direct impact on my husbands life, my life, and our marriage.
                Thank you so much!

                Hammock Answered 3 days ago.

                Wow. You broke my eyes. You’re welcome.

                I’m glad you found help and relief. I know what it did for my wife and I. That’s why I’m so passionate about it.

                I posted in another thread about high hematocrit. I got it fro ExcelMale. I’m following that protocol and have also gone to 3 weekly injections to try to rein in my HCT. It was 54.7 last lab a couple of weeks ago. Blood donations probably make the problem worse as your body makes up for it by producing MORE RBC’s while your ferritin levels go way down.

                Best wishes!

                3 days ago.
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