Wives, how was the first time husband’s O happened?


    Can I ask if you planned or experienced your first moment of OS with your husband where he finished inside? Was it ok/ anxious/ unpleasant/ love giving etc.

    Did you feel ok to do this again or yes but only with certain pre-planning?

    DW may be positively influenced by testimony from other Christian ladies. Thanks.

    Twin bed Asked on September 18, 2019 in Oral Sex.
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      I personally never had any hesitation about performing OS or with taking him to completion. Taste, texture etc. do not bother me. This is actually one of my favorite things to do and I receive a lot of pleasure from it as well, knowing that he is pleased. I would perform daily if he wanted.
      I enjoy the time I get to spend, doing what I want, and exploring both our boundaries. I do not require any pre-planning. I personally enjoy when it is very spontaneous and he catches me off guard. It’s a real turn on for me and have often tried to encourage him to initiate that more often.
      My DH has stated to me that he feels very honored that I do this for him. I think that this act can be taken in stages if needed. She could build up to what she feels comfortable with.
      I do think it is important for us to test our sexual boundaries for each other. I personally am more adventurous than DH and there are many things I would like to explore. There should be some exploration at least and communication about it and if after that it just isn’t working for one partner then that can be addressed. Even a happy medium is better than nothing at all. IMO

      King bed Answered on September 18, 2019.
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        I had to work really hard to get over feeling used when giving OS because of sexual experiences before marriage and just the way OS is portrayed in movies and media.  Once that I worked through that, I really can enjoy performing OS now.  Having my husband finish in my mouth is still a bit of a challenge.  I have a strong gag reflex and I have to switch from enjoying watching DH feel pleasure to not gagging once he ejaculates.  I have swallowed before and really don’t like it.  The taste and texture leave me feeling a bit nauseous.  I usually discretely spit into a rag and wipe my tongue with the rag to try and remove the taste as much as possible so I can switch back to enjoying post sex cuddling.   My favorite way to give OS is actually 69, especially with a mirror on the side so I can look over and watch/see.  I find 69 enhances my enjoyment of both receiving and giving OS.  DH doesn’t finish often in my mouth, but when he does, I need to preplan to have a rag handy to take care of the semen.  While I wouldn’t say I love it, I do love giving DH pleasure.

        California King Answered on October 9, 2019.
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          Is the “O” in the original question is supposed to be “OS” (oral sex) or “O” (orgasm)?

          I honestly can’t recall my first time giving him OS.  I know that it was before we were married.  I recall never caring for the taste or texture of the semen, but I still did it….until I felt I didn’t have to.  Then it was brought back into our marriage 18+ years later.

          Under the stars Answered on September 18, 2019.
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