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Frequency and Libido Relationship

Multiples, how to make orgasms better and the like. This is not a problems section.
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Re: Frequency and Libido Relationship

Post by Link+Zelda »

DoveGrey wrote: Sun Jul 18, 2021 8:52 am My increase in libido has gotten to the point where my Dh has begged off. We once did a 30 day challenge wherein we had daily sex except the two heaviest days of my period. My libido during that time was so high that my luteal phase didn't affect it. That's very rare for me, as I usually don't even think about sex during that phase.
It's interesting that you mention this, as it sort of addresses something I brought up a bit over a year ago here at TMB in this thread by @NWNL (related to the OP and worth a read). In it, I said the following:
Link+Zelda wrote: Sun Jun 28, 2020 1:39 am You'll see many claim that the more sex/better sex a woman has then the more sex they will want, but clearly there is a limit on that. The trend is probably true for most women on the "left side" of the graph if you plotted it, but it can't stay true forever, or on all time scales. Otherwise, that would mean that women have infinite libidos and all would turn into insatiable nymphos (sorry if that's an offensive term) if only us men could keep up. That might describe a small percentage of women but not the average one.
It sounds like, if done right, that you would fall into the subset of women that could actually "spiral up" to something approaching infinite libido. That's just insane to think about for me, and I'm guessing some/many men would struggle with trying to live that.

As for Zelda, she's kind of a toned-down version of @DG. Increased frequency does increase her libido, particularly in her Follicular Phase. However, it doesn't seem to be as strong a response as @DG describes. Interestingly, the way Zelda describes her Follicular/Luteal split in the past is also like a toned-down version of @DG...note this is toned down in both direction (lower highs and higher lows).

Oh, and a quick chat with the DW herself indicates one reason that she opts not to increase the frequency further (even though her libido is boosted) is her worry about struggling to O the day after a session, particularly in her Luteal Phase. Maybe we'll have to try an X-day challenge sometime...
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Re: Frequency and Libido Relationship

Post by DoveGrey »

Link+Zelda wrote: Sun Jul 18, 2021 12:50 pm [Maybe we'll have to try an X-day challenge sometime...
I highly recommend the x-day challenge to anyone. It makes it much easier for me to plan around sex if I know it's going to happen. It becomes habit, like taking a shower. Another bonus is that thinking about it during the day leads to easier arousal later.
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