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03/24/2021 - Little Acts of Affection?

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03/24/2021 - Little Acts of Affection?

Post by SLS »

What small and quick things do you and your spouse do to express affection in your marriage? Quick pecks, hugs, little love notes, etc.?
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Re: 03/24/2021 - Little Acts of Affection?

Post by Penelope »

I’m not sure if all of these qualify but I certainly consider them affectionate! 😊
-He opens the car door (or doors on buildings)
-He fills a travel bottle with ice water before we leave to go somewhere. Also brings ice water to the bedroom each night for me.
-He shuffles laundry, picks up stuff from the floor folds and puts away my laundry and pretty much anything that a mom would do.
-He hands me my towel when I get out of the shower each morning.
-He carries my purse and other items to the car when we are heading out to the car.
-He helps me put my coat on or off.
-He helps hook my bra in the AM and unhook it in the PM (and massage my breasts, which feels great after they’ve been confined)
-He sets up the pillows on the bed so we can chat on the phone with our adult kids.
-He adds water to my c-pap each morning.

-I lift the toilet ring for him after I go potty in the morning.
-I make his tea for him each morning. And coffee later in the day when he needs it.
-I put love notes where he’ll find them.
-I slice open his mail with a letter opener before he gets it.
-I read to him while he drives.
-I cover pet duty for him when he’s busy.
-I lean over and stroke his thigh when he’s driving. Or under the table when we’re eating.
-I brush my breasts against his hand when he’s holding something and I come over to talk with him.
-I back up to him and discreetly rub my backside against him when we’re waiting somewhere.
-I come up behind when he’s on the computer and let my breasts tap him to get his attention. Or massage his neck.
-When the doors close in an elevator (and we’re alone) I always kiss him passionately.
-When we are alone in public (or if there’s no one able to see) I’ll put my hand in his pocket and stroke him.
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Re: 03/24/2021 - Little Acts of Affection?

Post by LovingHimAlways »

We aren't that physically affectionate on a daily basis. i do see him off to work each morning with a hug.
There are so many little things we do for each other to show our love and affection. We joke around and always have fun together.
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Re: 03/24/2021 - Little Acts of Affection?

Post by HerKnight »

A few of the things I try to do to let her know she is loved:
- Make her coffee every morning when she wakes up
- Send a daily e-card to let her know I am thinking of her
- Always hold her hand when out for walks.
- Weekly happy hour date night
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Re: 03/24/2021 - Little Acts of Affection?

Post by realralr »

Just this morning as I was walking my bride to her office, I patted her behind.
During this past year as she was working from home, she knew I was good to bring her a donut, or some chocolates or jelly beans for her work from home candy dish.
She also loves to have the back of her head scratched, right at the hairline..
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Re: 03/24/2021 - Little Acts of Affection?

Post by Violet »

He's forever rubbing my arm when we're sitting together. I just recently learned that rubbing the back of his neck is soothing to him.
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Re: 03/24/2021 - Little Acts of Affection?

Post by Irnmyk »

One of the things that I have always done, throughout all the years of our marriage is, that if I catch her in her panties (and these days, when we are home alone, that plus a shirt is her mode of dress) I grab the elastic band on one leg or the other and pull it back and pop it any chance I get.

I don't pull it way back so as to hurt or injure, just a little separation to let her know that she didn't escape my attention.

She has never seemed to mind that.

We rarely pass each other in the house these days that we don't stop and kiss. It can be a 'fly-by smooch' to a full arm embrace lip-lock version, but we always touch lips as we move around. Any trip from my office to the John (or coffee pot) throughout will involve a pass by her, wherever she is to 'get a kiss'.

She may get a kiss and a panty pop in the same stopover.
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