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Blindfold --want to use but not sure what to do

Games, lingerie, toys, taking photos, stripteases, fantasy, role-playing, bedroom ambience and sex outside of the bedroom (not overly public places).
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Blindfold --want to use but not sure what to do

Post by Andrew »

Does anyone here use a blindfold during sex? I'm really excited to use one more but want more fun ideas.

I like the idea of using a penis pump on myself beforehand, so I feel a little different inside her (without her seeing).

I also like the idea of her blindfolded and earplugged while she uses her vibrator. I come in the room after my shower and watch her a bit and then start touching her, but she doesn't know when I'll arrive or what I'll do.

Do folks here have any good blindfold ideas?
California King
California King
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Re: Blindfold --want to use but not sure what to do

Post by Irnmyk »

Blindfolds aren't part of our repertoires. We both like seeing the action.
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Under the stars
Under the stars
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Re: Blindfold --want to use but not sure what to do

Post by newwifenewlife »

Does she want this? Is this already a part of your repertoire or are you wanting to introduce it? It's a move towards fantasy and sensate focus and if she's not there, it may be a stretch so I'd suggest a conversation about it OR make sure she's in a highly aroused state before trying something like that.

If you're already doing it, that's a different story. Again, the higher the state of arousal, the more senses will be heightened. Here's a few ideas to try...
- Make sure you've been wooing her all day. Put a blindfold on when she comes home (or when you want to start your adventure) and take her on a slow journey of taste and touch. Make it an evening/event. You could even feed her a lite dinner of snacks or finger foods and converse with her while you get things ready and then go on to the following...

OR just start here:
- Start with a long back massage and then if you sense arousal, when turning over, put the blindfold on OR have a towel ready to drape over her eyes.
- use different textures (silky, feather, smooth, ribbed or raised, glass, fruit, whip cream, body paint, etc.)
- temps (cold, warm: various things like food, ice, oils,)
- scents
- feed her various fruit
- teasing, lingering touch (don't just go for the "gusto", increase desire by teasing, nearing or brushing but not direct stimulation to increase desire/arousal)
- vary the types of pressure
- kiss all over (again, don't just go for the "gusto", tease and find new erogenous zones around the face, neck, arms, legs, knees, hips, toes, stomach, etc.
- toys

WORD TO THE WISE: 1) don't heat up things in the microwave, use warmed water to raise the temp 2) touch the object yourself first to confirm its temp.
King bed
King bed
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Re: Blindfold --want to use but not sure what to do

Post by David »

Just play.
Try putting it on before you start having sex and then proceed as normal.
Slowly remove her clothes and touch her, making sure to tease and play with sensations.
Don't get too het up about specifics, just play around, explore and enjoy.

Oh, and try getting her to give you oral sex while you're blindfolded.
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