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Shaving or trimming

Shaving, lubricants, penis size, breast modification, tats/piercing, etc.
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California King
California King
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Re: Shaving or trimming

Post by olafthewise »

I changed blades for her and she over-shaved. the mound area is sore and irritated. My mention of how to do it correctly fell on deaf ears. So she said she would grow it back. I recommended my screen shaver but she didn't hear me or ignored me.
My feelings on this; She cannot PIV for last 2 years, she won't do ANY oral. Her HJ is poor because she is in a hurry and injures her shoulder. My only sexual excitement is her shaved area down there. So smooth...now she wants to take that away from me too.
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Re: Shaving or trimming

Post by natureandtradition »

stephany96 wrote: Tue Jun 15, 2021 4:06 pm After marrying my husband and exploring, we were totally bushy. We had talked about shaving, but after a lot of talk and prayer, we decided at this point we want to keep things the way God intended, and that's hairy. I don't mind the hair, and am comfortable with it in my mouth during oral (my husbands hair is extremely long down there.)
Another great post Stephany. I am a very natural sort of man, and my conviction on this matter was the same as you and your husband's. Kudos!
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